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The new season of TV is coming! And, with it, season four of our favorite show is very close. After a summer of drought, lately – and we give thanks for that – they keep coming out with Blindspot news and here we have a compilation of all of them. There is a lot of information about the new season that promises a lot. Here we go!


That’s right, blindspotters, thanks to Deadline we know that our Ritch Dotcom will come back, this time as regular in season 4, and we couldn’t be happier! This was one of our wishes for the new season. The character was complicated, as I mentioned on occasion, because his comedic tone could be counterproductive, but the truth is that he has been winning with each appearance and deserves more. I look forward to knowing what they have prepared for him. I hope we see him again teaming up with Patterson or talking to Jane, can you imagine Remi’s reaction to one of his jokes? It will be hilarious!

On the other hand, thanks to Spoiler TV we know a bit of the interesting plot that we will see in 4×06:

Episode 4.06 – Snippets

– Remi attempts to break Shepherd out of wherever her mother’s now being held. It’s unclear if Remi will succeed.
– Matthew Weitz appears in this episode.

Apparently, Remi is determined to free Shepherd from her confinement and I really hope she doesn’t manage it, fingers crossed. In addition, we have an old acquaintance who always brings problems.

TVLine also has news for us. House of Cards’ Nathan Darrow has signed on to guest star as someone from Rich DotCom’s past. Really interesting.

Again, thanks to Warner we know that the Blindspot cast will be at the New York Comic Con in October 6 to promote season 4. Jaimie Alexander (Jane) and Sullivan Stapleton (Kurt) will be there, and besides the questions from the fans, we will have a trailer! Apart from this, the description reveals that we smash into season four with a daring heist in Tokyo, and exhilarating and emotional missions will take the team all over Europe and South America. Here we have the official schedule and description:

4:45–5:40 p.m. Blindspot Season Four Premiere Screening and Q&A — Following the action-packed, emotionally charged cliffhangers that ended season three, Blindspot returns for its third appearance at New York Comic Con! Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander star in this one-hour action thriller from Berlanti Productions and Quinn’s House, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television. As we learned in last season’s finale, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is being poisoned by ZIP, the very drug used to wipe her memory at the premiere of the series. Also suffering from the disease, her brother Roman (Luke Mitchell) was searching for a cure and hid caches of data all over the globe. The team will follow a trail of cryptic breadcrumbs that lead to all-new crimes to solve and, with any luck, a cure to save Jane. Season four begins with Weller (Stapleton) on the brink of death, Remi returned from the depths of Jane’s mind and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) working with the bad guys. Not knowing that Zapata has joined the villainous HCI Global, Reade (Rob Brown) tries desperately to find her. At the same time, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) hunts to cure Jane with her lab partner, fan-favorite Rich DotCom (Ennis Esmer). Embracing the global scope established last season, we smash into season four with a daring heist in Tokyo, and exhilarating and emotional missions will take the team all over Europe and South America. Join us for an exclusive screening of the season four premiere followed by a Q&A with series stars Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton.

As if all this were not enough, Martin Gero – executive producer of Blindspot – revealed the first image of season 4 that shows Jane/Remi in Tokyo and in attack position. That’s in addition to some words from Jaimie Alexander that reveal to us that the reason for the trip to Tokyo is the one to catch a villain and that Ritch will help her – this duo will be magnificent. There we will see a spectacular Remi fight with a sword against four guys, and then with two swords against a woman. I can’t wait!


Finally, thanks to TVLine we have a NEW JELLER PIC – they are so cute – from season 4 and we know that there will be a temporary jump of three months from the end of the previous season. Martin Gero tells us some details about the first episodes of the season:

“Remi is still Remi and kind of undercover at the FBI. As Remi realizes that most of her allies are dead and Sandstorm has essentially been dismantled, she’s kind of a lost soldier in a war that is over… and she’s trying to figure out, ‘Well, what’s the plan now?’”

Towards the end, Gero continues, “viewers will meet for the first time an old Sandstorm ally with whom Remi makes contact in the premiere”.

Meanwhile, the FBI team — Weller, who for several episodes will be recovering from his gunshot wound — will be busy deciphering the critically important data drive that Roman left Jane before he died. “There are 12 [drives] in total, and it’s really a huge priority for them to find them,” Gero says. “There’s an insane amount of information about what Roman was up to… and there’s information on ZIP poisoning, which Remi is obviously very interested in.”

BONUS SPOILER!: Patterson and Rich Dotcom have “this phenomenal, almost-season-long story about something they find on Roman’s cache that they’re very interested in,” Gero teases. “But they don’t want to bring the team in on it right away.”

This is very interesting! There are secrets between Patterson and Ritch, which assures us a great interaction between them that I’m looking forward to seeing. In addition, Roman has left a lot of information behind him, really valuable information and we will see Remi deal with being a stranger in Jane’s life. And who will be that mysterious ally? What a season awaits us!

Did you like the new information? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns for its fourth season on October 12, airing Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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