Why Don’t You See The Cast Of ‘Riverdale’ In A Lot Of Other Projects?

I have an intense schedule and I complain about it, but it’s nothing compared to that of a celebrity. I mean I can take a break, they have to keep going.

But have you ever wondered why you don’t see a lot of the cast of Riverdale outside of the show. Why aren’t they in a lot of other projects? Why can’t we see them in a million other things?

Well KJ Apa answered that question for all of us.

“It’s so hard when you’re shooting 10 months out of the year, 22 episodes on a show, it’s hard to find time to do another project,” KJ told Seventeen. “Let alone, kind of – you know, there’s always the danger of being typecast as the characters, particularly Archie. It’s easy to fall into that trap, so the goal for me and my team is to always push hard for work during the hiatus. Whether it’s like a small movie or a big movie.”

Makes total sense to us. Are you excited for the return of Riverdale?

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