Five Reasons We’re Excited For ‘Manifest’

NBC is bringing a new mystery drama this Fall called Manifest. The show is about 191 passengers who went missing in 2013 and reappear five years later in current time. The passengers have no idea the time has passed because they never left the plane.

Each person has a family who has moved forward in the missing time while they haven’t aged a day. Manifest looks intriguing and we can’t wait to figure out what the real mystery is behind the missing five years. Here are the five reasons we’re most excited for this show!

Josh Dallas is back!

OUAT’s Prince Charming is returning to our screens as one of the missing passengers, Ben Stone. We adore Dallas and can’t wait to see him in this show. He plays a husband and father, whose twins are now almost six years apart because one was with him while the other was with their mother. His story, alone, is enough to have us hooked but there’s more!

The story seems thrilling, from what we’ve seen so far

All of these people’s lives have been flipped upside down but no one really knows why. Sure, there’s a possibility Manifest won’t deliver and end up being a one season wonder but we hope that’s not the case. The mystery inside Manifest could take as long or as short as they wish to unfold and we are here for all of it.

One of the creators, Jeff Rake, has been apart of many of our favorite shows

Rake has worked on shows like: Boston Legal, Beauty and the Beast, The Tomorrow People, Bones, Hawthorne, and The Mysteries of Laura. His resume is a very good indicator that Manifest will be amazing. Creators and writers are the heart of a TV series, even if the actors are amazing, they won’t have success without a good backbone.

Manifest is slated for thirteen episodes

This is very exciting, because shows that don’t have to fill twenty-two episode seasons, are vastly better. When there is no room for filler episodes, the story can be told without distractions or unnecessary storylines. More shows should move toward shorter seasons to maximize their plots. These thirteen episodes will be action packed and each one bring us closer to the answer, and none of them will be about a random item or character that doesn’t further the overall agenda.

The First Nine Minutes

Finally, the show’s first nine minutes are available from NBC and what we see leaves us hooked and wanting more. Show’s don’t give viewers early tastes like this very often, but the team behind Manifest was wise to do so. The clips gives us just enough to get interested and then stops.

Check out the series premiere of Manifest on September 24th, 10 pm EST, on NBC.


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