Two Promoted To Series Regulars on ’13 Reasons Why’

Most days I sit on the fence over my feelings surrounding 13 Reasons Why. I think it’s an important television show, but sometimes I think it’s is too triggering for people. Sometimes I think about the important message that it is sending and then I think about all of the people that have access to it and how it’s not appropriate for them to see at their age.

Hell, some of it I think wasn’t appropriate to see at my age.

But that all being said, I think I watch it for those same reasons. Sometimes pushing the lines of what we know and what we think we know – is it bad? The impact that it has; how changing the conversation can help those in the future. We rarely see the implications of what happens to those that are left behind when someone commits suicide and isn’t that an important conversation to have also?

I just never thought we’d be going into the third season of the show.

The show has made two actors series regulars for the third season. Brenda Strong (who plays Bryce’s mom Nora) and Timothy Granaderos (Bryce’s buddy Montgomery) have been promoted to series regulars on the Netflix show.

The third season of the show will pick up right where we left off, with Clay outside the dance, holding the gun – police sirens blaring in the background. Jess and Justin standing there watching and asking the questions we all are wondering.

“What do we do now?”

13 Reasons Why streams on Netflix.

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