‘Blindspot’ 4×01: “Hella Duplicitous” Promotional Pics

Time flies, blindspotters! Season 4 of our favorite show is approaching little by little and the promotional pics of the premiere, episode 4×01, are already here, and they are really interesting and open many possibilities. Here we go!


We see Patterson – who is beautiful, by the way – and the team in what looks like an investigation, in the background, is the photo of a man who, from what we have seen in the promo of the new season, will be an ally of Remi and a former member of Sandstrom.

Also our Ritch is around, we missed him, as well as Reade and the whole team in action, including Jane, who is with someone we don’t know … who will he be? Friend or enemy?

Also, we have a Jeller scene! They are so cute together! Kurt looks like a puppy and Remi’s face … it seems so real … but from what we can see there will be certain problems, Kurt is looking at something on the computer, quite interested and, from his clothes he must be in the house that he shares with Jane, will he begin to suspect from the beginning that Romi has returned?

Promotional pics give the starting signal and couldn’t do better. What do you think? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns for its fourth season on October 12, airing Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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