What Can We Expect From ‘Manifest’ 1×01: Pilot

We’ve told you why we’re excited about NBC’s Manifest, but now we want to get into the details of the show’s pilot episode. The first nine minutes of the first episode are available so we are going to start with our ideas of what will happen after that video goes dark.

But, just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video. Go watch it first and then we’ll talk:

The Pilot’s Plot

Take a look at NBC’s press release for Manifest’s first episode:

Returning to New York from a family vacation in Jamaica, the Stone family is separated when adult siblings Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben (Josh Dallas), along with Ben’s gravely ill son Cal (Jack Messina), are bumped to a later flight, while Ben’s wife, daughter and parents fly ahead. When that later flight lands, the passengers are bewildered to discover that five and a half years have gone by. They attempt to reconnect with the loved ones who mourned their passing and moved on long ago, and try to make sense of a mystifying phenomenon steering them to act in ways they don’t understand. Also starring Athena Karkanis (Grace Stone), J.R. Ramirez (Jared Vasquez), Luna Blaise (Olive Stone) and Parveen Kaur (Saanvi Bahl).

Manifest’s First Act 

After the first nine minutes…

First off, the reunion scene is so awkward because one side of the group thinks no time has passed while the other has been suffering for over five years. We are all up to speed now, after that extremely, intense, teaser video so let’s get down to what’s going on and what’s coming. According to what everyone knows so far is that, it appears, the plane never left the sky but that’s impossible. What other reasons could explain how a plane could be gone for five and a half years to the entire world except those on the plane?

We’re leaning toward a black hole, or wormhole, type of scenario, even the Bermuda Triangle. The plane went somewhere for no time at all to the crew and passengers, which is similar to time travel on many other shows so we can’t rule that out. Since we’ve only seen small pieces of footage, it’s very reasonable to think there could be scenes where the passengers remember where they were. And that could very well be in different times.

Do you think our ideas are on the right track? What do you think is really going on? Leave your theories in the comments!

Manifest premieres on NBC, September 24th 10/9c.

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