NFL 2018: Week 3 Pick ‘Em

Hello, everyone! Your faithful band of NFL predictors are here: Charles, Lizzie, Alyssa and last but not least Katherine!

Two weeks are down in the NFL 2018 season and the contenders and pretenders are sorting themselves out much quicker than usual. For every dominant team like the Chiefs, there is a Browns team that can’t buy a field goal or extra point to save the franchise.  Aaron Rodgers and the Jacksonville defense are still great while the Patriots continue their trend of panicking after just one loss by signing Josh Gordon.

So what does week 3 give to us? A battle of the Los Angeles teams , the return of Carson Wentz to the Philadelphia Eagles and quite possibly a ton of blow outs sunday afternoon. So without further adieu, we bring to you Fangirlish’s picks for week 3 of the NFL season!!

New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns (Thursday Night)

Charles: NYJ 24, CLE 10 – This one feels like a trap for the Jets but the Browns have to be emotionally drained from last week’s Saints game. Also who knows how many field goals their kicker will miss this week.

Lizzie: CLE 20, NYJ 17 – I’m just winging it this week. Trying to give it some thought is clearly backfiring, after all.

Alyssa: CLE 24, NYJ 17 – The Browns defense against an unproven rookie quarterback? I’m taking the Browns defense.

Katherine: CLE 21, NYJ – Let’s go Cleveland, this is your best chance!

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

Charles: ATL 38, NO 20 – Saints are struggling on defense again and that spells disaster when facing a red-hot Matt Ryan-led Falcons offense.

Lizzie: ATL 37, NO 31 – I don’t think the Saints defense can stop Matty Ryan.

Alyssa: ATL 31, NO 27 – I’m not feeling incredibly confident in this Saints defense, especially now that the Falcons have learned how to score in the red zone again.

Katherine: NO 24, ATL 21 – I think the last two weeks will hit the Saints as a wake up call this week and they will get their act together, though it will be close.

Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins

Charles: GB 21, WASH 19 – Packers always seem to have a tough time in these type of trap games so this one will be closer than expected. Packers have Aaron Rodgers though so they win.

Lizzie: GB 24, WASH 21 – The Redskins don’t really have an offense, so…

Alyssa: GB 27, WAS 17 – Even with a banged up Aaron Rodgers the Packers should beat a Redskins team that lacks any type of offensive momentum.

Katherine: GB 28, WAS 13 – Any Aaron Rodgers is still better than Alex Smith, so the Packers will win this one with relative ease.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Charles: PHI 24, IND 17 – Eagles ain’t losing Carson Wentz’s return game. At least they better not.

Lizzie: PHI 21, IND 17 – I’m going against my gut again, but my gut doesn’t do a good job of picking scores.

Alyssa: IND 24, PHI 23 – There’s something about this game that makes me feel funny. I feel like the Eagles are rushing Carson Wentz back, and that the Colts are going to do everything to get to him.

Katherine: IND 21, PHI 21 – Let’s keeping picking the most unlikely game to end in a tie to end in a tie. It’s happened twice already why not three weeks in a row.

Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings

Charles: MIN 24, BUF 10 – No matter who kicks for the Vikings this week, they aren’t losing to this Bills team.

Lizzie: MIN 31, BUF 7 – The only easy game to pick every week!

Alyssa: MIN 34, BUF 13 – Man, this isn’t fair. Josh Allen about to get his “welcome to the NFL” game, courtesy of the Vikings defense.

Katherine: MIN 37, BUF 17 – Are the Bills the new Browns?

Oakland Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins

Charles: OAK 21, MIA 21 – I’m going to keep picking a tie for each week till there isn’t one. This game is as good as any to choose.

Lizzie: MIA 24, OAK 21 – Because why not?

Alyssa: MIA 24, OAK 17 – I can’t believe the Dolphins are going to be 3-0. And I can’t believe the Raiders are going to be 0-3. Who’d have thunk it?

Katherine: OAK 27, MIA 21 – Like Alyssa said but I’m saying it doesn’t happen.

Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens

Charles: DEN 23, BALT 20 – Winning close games where the offense struggles till the end of the game? That’s how the Broncos won the Super Bowl in 2015, so why not try that philosophy again.

Lizzie: DEN 24, BALT 14 – Even if Keenum sucks, Von Miller doesn’t, and there’s Joe Flacco on the other side.

Alyssa: DEN 27, BALT 14 – The Broncos offense has done absolutely nothing for me, but this Broncos defense has proven it can win games. And going against Joe Flacco? Good eats.

Katherine: DEN 24, BALT 16 – I haven’t been particularly impressed with either team this year but let’s give this one to the Broncos.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Carolina Panthers

Charles: CIN 34, CAR 31 – Bengals have some mojo working against a Panthers team that might be a tick overrated.

Lizzie: CIN 31, CAR 28 – I just really want this to happen, and since common sense hasn’t helped me in the past, I’m gonna pick this.

Alyssa: CAR 24, CIN 21 – Sorry, Bengals. Your undefeated season ends here.

Katherine: CIN 27, CAR 24 – Carolina misses a game tying field goal in the dying seconds of this one.

New York Giants vs. Houston Texans

Charles: HOU 21, NYG 6 – A brutal battle for not just the teams but the viewing audience as well.

Lizzie: HOU 24, NYG 14 – I’d love to pick an upset, but this is asking too much of me.

Alyssa: HOU 31, NYG 17 – Poor, poor Eli Manning. Though, lucky, lucky Deshaun Watson. Watson needs to have a breakout game this season to get back on track. This is it.

Katherine: HOU 28, NYG 12 – This game offers Deshaun Watson a good opportunity to remind us of why he is where he is.

Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Charles: JAX 24, TEN 12 – The Jaguars are real tough. The Titans are wounded. No brainer here.

Lizzie: JAX 21, TEN 14 – Easiest non-Bills game to pick this week.

Alyssa: JAX 27, TEN 17 – The Jags are rolling right now. And I don’t see that stopping against a Titans team minus Marcus Mariota.

Katherine: JAX 31, TEN 10 – The Jags looked really good last week (much to my dismay) and the Titans did not.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Charles:KC 34, SF 20 – Mahomes is so damn good right now and the 49ers will have no answers to stop him sunday.

Lizzie: KC 34, SF 20 – I hate that the Chiefs are good, by my contrary instincts can’t take me this far, not this week.

Alyssa: KC 31, SF 24 – The Chiefs should have no problem with this one. Well, their offense shouldn’t. That defense? Needs to get itself on track and don’t screw their offense over.

Katherine: KC 42, SF 23 – The Chiefs are on a roll right now and I don’t think it is going to be stopped by a lackluster 49ers team.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Los Angeles Rams

Charles: LAR 31, LAC 14 – Plain and Simple, the Rams are just the better LA team.

Lizzie: LAR 28, LAC 24 – But hey, at least the Chargers are back to being the Chargers.

Alyssa: LAR 27, LAC 17 – The Rams are the best team in Los Angeles. And the best team in the league right now.

Katherine: LAR 31, LAC 20 – The Rams rule this battle of the city of angels this go around, they are doing everything right.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

Charles: DAL 23, SEA 17 – Cowboys are not that good but the Seahawks have offensive line troubles that if they don’t fix will get Russell Wilson hurt

Lizzie: DAL 21, SEA 17 – I don’t think the Cowboys are that good, but the Seahawks are even worse.

Alyssa: DAL 27, SEA 17 – The Seahawks are just bad. Even Russell Wilson can’t do everything by himself. Have fun, Dallas.

Katherine: DAL 24, SEA 24 – I’m picking another tie because I’d rather not see either team win, and ties are apparently a thing that happen now.

Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals

Charles: CHI 21, ARI 14 – Defense wins the Bears a game that shouldn’t be close but somehow will be.

Lizzie: CHI 31, ARI 10 – The Cardinals are really bad. Trubisky is due for a big one. You do the math.

Alyssa: CHI 34, ARI 13 – Screw it, I’m calling this Mitch Trubisky’s breakout game against a very bad Cardinals team. Oh, and the Bears defense should get at least one defensive score against that porous offense.

Katherine: CHI 24, ARI 10 – I think the Bears will score quickly and build up a lead that the Cards will try and dig into too late in the game to be any actual threat.

New England Patriots vs. Detroit Lions (Sunday Night)

Charles: NE 44, DET 20 – This game is going to be over by the second quarter.

Lizzie: NE 38, DET 21 – I was right about the Patriots last week. I’ll sadly be right this week, too.

Alyssa: NE 41, DET 14 – This has the makings of an absolute bloodbath. The Patriots are pissed. The Lions are terrible. Matt Patricia is no Bill Belichick. Hope you like blowouts, SNF audiences.

Katherine: NE 42, DET 17 –  The Patriots have the perfect opportunity to get themselves back on track after an embarrassing week 2 performance against their former defensive coordinator.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Monday Night)

Charles: TB 34, PIT 14 – I have no clue what is going on in Pittsburgh except is a mess. Enjoy being 0-2-1 Pittsburgh after facing FitzMagic.

Lizzie: TB 31, PIT 14 – My favorite storyline of this season is how Pittsburgh suddenly sucks.

Alyssa: TB 27, PIT 20 – The Steelers are a mess right now, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is a God. Plus, I want to see if the Bucs really are stupid enough to try and put Jameis Winston back in Week 4 after Fitzmagic is 3-0.

Katherine: TB 28, PIT 13 – Tampa and Fitzpatrick are just killing it right now and Pittsburgh is an absolute mess.

What are your picks for Week 3 of the 2018 NFL Season? Sound off in the comments!


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