‘The Royals’ Fails To Find New Home

Have to admit that I am kind of sad that The Royals got cancelled. I loved the show and I loved the drama. I will admit – it ending on that cliffhanger kind of pissed me off.

But being completely honest, I am not shocked that E! cancelled the show. And after Lionsgate TV shopped the show – it has been announced that no one else has picked up the show and it is officially cancelled.

The show starred Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena, the head of the British monarchy, William Moseley as Prince Liam, Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor, Tom Austen as bodyguard Jasper Frost, Max Brown as King Robert and Jake Maskall as Cyrus.

I will miss this show and will always wonder what was going to happen next. I will admit that I don’t want to know if it means hearing anything from Mark Schwann.

I am disappointed that we won’t get Season 5, but will be forever thankful for the show and the friends and life that it brought me.

Long live King Liam (ya, I was holding out for him).

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