4 Reasons We’re Looking Forward To ‘A Million Little Things’

I’ve gone back and forth over A Million Little Things. I wondered if I should watch it and I wondered if I should walk away from it. Why? My Mom committed suicide and having to watch the effects of it play out on TV? Well, that sounds like a hard pass to me.


Because I wanted to do one thing in my life: forget the pain of what was left behind when my Mom committed suicide. I was destroyed. I was torn apart. I was left with a broken heart, and questions that would never be answered, but questions I needed answered more than anything. So when I sat down to watch the screener as it hit my inbox, I prepared myself for all the feelings that I was sure would surface.

I just wasn’t prepared for all of them. A Million Little Things. is one of the most beautiful shows that I have seen and maybe it’s because I am personally affected by the circumstances and I felt less alone. From my Mom’s suicide I knew a few things:

  • There Are Things I Will Never Know
  • There Are Things I Will Always Want To Know
  • There Are Things I Will Never Want To Know
  • There Are Things I Feel That No One Will Ever Understand

But after watching the pilot – the things that I thought that I knew – well it was obvious to me that other people understood what I felt. So here’s why I am looking forward to this season of A Million Little Things.


It’s hard to watch other peoples lives unfold. We think that we know the people around us. We think that we can understand their stories. But we learn quickly that we don’t know any of these characters. Their seemingly perfect lives, their ups and their downs, the things that we wouldn’t see from the outside, well, we’re going to learn about all of these things. But we’re going to see how the struggles that we all face in life can lead us down different paths. It’s all about how we deal with it.

Sometimes we think that as friends we should know everyone’s stories. All of the ins and the outs. But we don’t always tell those closest to us our deepest pain. We don’t always tell anyone that.

This season of A Million Little Things promises that we’re going to see sides to peoples lives and the things that we don’t always see. But it is sure to remind us to take a step back and not criticize, but be there for each other.


People come in and out of our lives for a reason. We don’t always know what those reasons are, we don’t always know if it’s a good or bad reason. But everyone can teach us something.

I can’t wait to see what millions of things that these friendships are made up of. I can’t wait to see how they all came together, how they all were torn apart, and how they grew from each other.


We don’t know the reasons that John committed suicide in the show, but we will learn more about it. In that, we’ll also learn more about the reasons that everyone else in the show is doing the things that they are doing. I want to see their strengths, their weaknesses, their love, their vulnerability. I want to see how the events of their lives led to the moments that defined them.


I know that it sounds weird, but my therapist says it’s okay that I find healing in a TV show. Healing is a hard thing. Healing isn’t easy. However you heal – whatever road you take is okay. Finding understanding in the world around you and inspiration in healing – that’s okay. I am glad that someone understand.

A Million Little Things debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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