‘Better Call Saul’ 4×08 Review: Partners in Crime

So, last week I argued that Kim wants to be involved in Jimmy’s schemes, and this week she definitely proved it. Episode seven ended with Kim telling Jimmy that she had another way to win Huell’s case that wouldn’t involve Jimmy doing something illegal.

Last night, we got to see Kim’s plan in action and it really was a brilliant one. We were all wondering what picking up a bunch of office supplies would do for Huell’s case, but it was all part of Kim’s plan to create a group of character witnesses for Huell. She had Jimmy ride a bus to Louisiana (pretending Huell’s home town was located there) and told him to get all kinds of different people to write letters pretending like they knew Huell and he was an esteemed member of their church and local hero.

Jimmy of course is great at schmoozing, so he had no issues getting his fellow passengers to write these letters, paying them well for their time of course. After mailing the letters, the really brilliant part of the plan was put in motion.

After getting flooded with letters about Huell, the judge told the district attorney to figure out a solution with Kim, something that she hadn’t been willing to do before. Of course, the DA decided to look into Huell’s background to make sure the letters weren’t fake, and this is where Jimmy’s particular set of skills came in.

Every time the prosecutor would call one of the phone numbers on the letters, Jimmy and the college students he frequently employees would pick up each cell phone assigned to that number and pretend to be a different character. This set of scenes was incredibly fun to watch as we really got to see Bob Odenkirk showcase his ability for impressions and improv.

Jimmy pretended to be the pastor of Huell’s church in Louisiana , adopting a ridiculous accent that somehow sounded believable, and convinced the prosecutor to negotiate with Kim. Their joint scheme got Huell out of trouble with no jail time, only probation, and once again showed how well Jimmy and Kim work together.

Oh, and Kim celebrated their success by pushing Jimmy against a wall in the court house stairwell and making out with him, which was a moment we’ve been waiting for for a long time, and a display of affection we haven’t gotten to see between the two really since Chuck’s death. Jimmy and Kim really are soulmates.

One of the themes of this series is that Jimmy will eventually drag everyone he cares about down with him, but Kim is different. She’s basically the definition of ride or die when it comes to Jimmy, but she also enjoys pulling off these kinds of schemes with him.

In episode 8, Jimmy acknowledged the trouble he was getting her into and said he was completely done asking her for favors. Kim’s response was: “Let’s do it again.” That doesn’t sound like someone who’s unwillingly being sucked into these situations just because she loves Jimmy. There’s a more rebellious side of Kim that’s often overlooked, one that’s just as addicted to manipulating people and situations as Jimmy is.

This is probably the part of Kim’s personality that draws her to Jimmy so much. No one else in Jimmy’s life understands that addiction, and that’s why he’s been at odds with so many people, but not Kim. She understands that part of him because that trait is in her too, she’s just not as extreme as Jimmy for the time being.

It makes me wonder what would have happened if Kim had been a character in ‘Breaking Bad.’ Of course, she wouldn’t have profited from criminals like Jimmy eventually does as Saul, but maybe she would have been involved somehow.

I think that she truly loves her public defender work, so I could see her eventually specializing in that kind of law, trying to help the people who no one else thinks have a second chance. In that kind of scenario, someone like Jesse Pinkman or Badger might well have ended up becoming one of her clients.

My only hope is that Kim and Jimmy will eventually end up together, maybe reconnecting if we get to see what happens to Jimmy after he goes into hiding in Nebraska post-‘Breaking Bad.’ ‘Better Call Saul’ definitely has the longevity to continue past the events we’ve seen in ‘Breaking Bad,’ and it also seems like the writers are setting us up for that with the flash forwards to Jimmy’s time at the Cinnabon.

Unfortunately I still believe that Jimmy becomes Saul because something happens to Kim, but maybe in a different way. Instead of Jimmy becoming Saul because he’s miserable after losing Kim and feels it’s what he deserves, maybe it’s to honor her memory.

There’s only 2 episodes left this season which means things are about to really get crazy. As shown in the trailer for next week’s penultimate trailer, Jimmy is only about a week away from getting his law license back. A lot can happen in one week however, especially when your name is Jimmy McGill. We’ll just have to wait and see if he can make it those last few days without something major happening.

Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 9/8c on NBC.

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