NFL Week 3 Storylines: A Tale of Bills and Patriots

Sports can often be like TV/Movies in that there’s always a story-line. It’s not just about what happens during the game, it’s about the narrative, it’s about how things come together, how they progress. If the NFL, for example, were just about men trying to tackle each other, we wouldn’t really care, would we?

But, of course, it’s about much more than that, so before week 4 gets officially under way, let’s talk about the week 3 story-lines you should paying attention to going into week 4.

Well, the Bills are alive

I’m as surprised as you are, but here we are, with the Bills having played the game they didn’t look like they could play, just a week ago. Granted, they had help from an opponent that played as disinterested as I’ve seen in a while, but if you’re a Bills fan, that matters very little. The point is your team won, and it looked good while doing it, and while that doesn’t solve all problems, hope and momentum are really important things in the NFL.

And the Patriots are struggling

Could this finally be the year the Patriots come back to mediocrity? Considering Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the answer is probably no. This team has always been great at problem solving, but boy, do they have problems to solve this time, and they don’t seem to have the personnel to solve all their issues, which is a new obstacle. Main things to focus on right now is their inability to  create any kind of pass-rush pressure, and the fact that their receivers can’t seem to beat man coverage. You’d think they’d be able to fix at least the second one of those problems, they have in the past, but it doesn’t seem as certain as before.

But it’s too soon to celebrate the Dolphins

As someone who’s been tricked by the Dolphins before, I’d say we still need like 2 or 3 more weeks before we call this team the real deal, or anything resembling that. What they have been so far is lucky, and luck will take you a long way in the NFL, yes, but it won’t win you championships. The upside is the Dolphins have a very deep squad with very few holes and really good coaches, but they also don’t seem to have any big starts in the making. Is that enough? We shall see.

Jared Goff is more than a system QB

Time to give the kid some credit. He’s getting better every week, and the system is not the only reason why. Yes, it’s built to his strengths, but that’s literally what every team does with a young QB. Why should the Rams have done differently? And the throws Goff is making, consistently, this season, are the throws you want your QB – young or otherwise – to make when it counts the most. He’s a big reason why the Rams are the best team in the NFL right now.

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NFL Week 3 gets underway tonight, when the Minnesota Vikings play at the home of the Los Angeles Rams

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