‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×1/15×2 Review: With a Wonder and a Wild Desire/ Broken Together

“Patients may die, but this show never will.”

Welcome back to another season of Grey’s Anatomy, the show that keeps on giving.

Grey’s Anatomy returns with a two-hour season premiere that clearly shows you that even after all these season premieres and all three hundred plus episodes, this show still has it. It returns with a fresher take, a fun premise, without leaving behind the comedic relief following its intense moments. One of the reasons I love this show is the balance it seems to keep. You can expect to laugh one minute but then get all emotional the next. I ain’t complaining.

We are introduced to the characters again with a lighter tone, but what makes this premiere stand out is that you can already tell this season will give the characters the chance to explore themselves in their own way. You know, have them evolve and rediscover themselves.

Because that’s what being a human is sometimes.

We gotta start off with the way the premiere begins. DeLuca and Meredith? Yeah, I wasn’t falling for that! Good thing it was a dream, because them hooking up? Errrr, just so out of the blue. But the interesting thing about that is Meredith gave herself that moment to feel flustered and all shy with not only DeLuca but with the other guys around. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, seeing her actually get together with DeLuca felt weird given how she’s so much older than him, but like, a girl can fantasize and that’s OK.

A New Doc In Town

As Meredith deals with that, we’ve got a new ortho doc in town. His name is Atticus Lincoln but calls himself Link. First impression? A bit pretentious for my liking. Although he comes off like a know-it-all, he seems to know what he’s doing. He’s also very laid back, which is odd given that you don’t really see doctors as laid back as he is, but with his demeanor, it keeps the mood of this premiere light. I wonder what time of trouble this newbie doctor is going to stir at Grey’s Sloan Memorial. I did like the long hair though.


Teddy & Owen… & Amelia

While we’re introduced to a new doctor, a familiar face aka Teddy Altman is still around and she’s very much pregnant. If this is the writers’ way of reconnecting Teddy and Owen, well, I APPROVE. But it doesn’t look like that will happen any sooner because Amelia apparently has feelings again for Owen.

Oh boy.

I know some may root for them to get together again but I just can’t seem to join that club. I haven’t been a fan of this pairing since the start.  I think they’re just bad for each other. Amelia has a lot to work on herself, and whenever they try to mend something, it’s like she’s the one that has to ruin it. Yeah, they’ve been able to grow as guardians now, housing baby Leo and his teen mother, but I think they do better as friends than lovers at this point. Who knows, now it might change once Owen knows he’ll have his own child with Teddy. For these two, it always felt like a case of “bad timing” with them. But maybe know might be a perfect time. Will it become a love triangle now?

Other Couples

Moving on to complicated relationships that don’t make sense– we’ve got Jackson and Maggie. I’m trying hard to let go of the fact that these two are pretty much SIBLINGS. Their parents are MARRIED. Why doesn’t it ring a bell to them? The funny part of this episode was when Maggie attempts to defend to Teddy that Amelia is her sister. She had no problem explaining that she sees Amelia as a sister, but can’t seem to see what’s messy with her and Jackson. Uh, come on now. Seriously though, I would have been SO happy if these two had no family ties to each other and met and dated like normal people. It’s going to take a while to get used to this.

However, we’re getting to possibly seeing a new side of Jackson in this premiere. His new outlook on life along with his new found personal discovery of something bigger is interesting to see him in. Him especially since he’s been anti-faith pretty much since day one. I can see how this season could allow his character the arc of exploring something outside his normal for once.

Meanwhile, onto my favorite couple at the moment- Jo and Alex. As they try to enjoy their honeymoon, one that wasn’t interrupted by a major catastrophe of some sort, we see them ease into their new chapter together. Their growth as a duo has always made me happy. Jo coming up with her genius plan in saving the world is admirable and it shows you how well she knows how to use her brains. She deserves it all.

A Big Move For Alex

Oh and the best part of the episode? Alex is the new interim chief. Watching him spin in Bailey’s chair was just the icing on the cake. I loved that twist, and after all the hard work he’s put over the course of the seasons, his growth and everything in between, I doubt he’ll wreck this. Alex has always had that potential and as he’s been applying it so well this whole time, I’m sure he’ll do great now as interim chief. Gotta love him!

Grey’s Anatomy pulls in a solid premiere. From what I’m seeing it’s going on a fresh path, a different take, all while being the same show we all love.

What did you think of the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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