‘Manifest’ 2×02 Review: Reentry

Okay, I have so much to talk about after this second episode. So much. It packed a lot of emotions, along with some really exciting details that are certain to come into play moving forward. The pilot moved a little slow, but for its second episode Manifest is going full paced and taking no prisoners. The show is moving away from its Lost vibe and becoming its own, which is really exciting.

Let me break it down a little further.

Grace and Ben

Last week, I talked about the mystery man Grace has been seeing and how their daughter, Olive (Luna Blaise), knows about him, but of course, with her husband coming back, now Grace isn’t sure which man she wants to be with. Mind you, Grace didn’t do anything wrong because she thought, along with the world, that her husband was dead. But now he has returned, and she is trying to decide which man to choose.

I feel like she is going to go with Ben because of the last scene, but there’s more potential drama if she still can’t decide.

What’s up with the woman on the street?

Grace spends a lot of the episode trying to make Cal (Jack Messina) feel like everything is the same as before he disappeared on the plane. On one of those runs, a woman grabs him and keeps repeating, “he isn’t here, he is risen!” This would be enough to make me hire bodyguards to be at my house and with my kid 24/7, but Ben hears of the incident and assures everyone it’ll all be okay.

Because, of course he does.


Friendships Tested

We already know Michaela’s fiance married her best friend while she was…wherever everyone was, but this week, the friend reaches out. Michaela is not having it, at first, but later, after reading messages on a memorial page for herself (how creepy would that be?!) she has a change of heart. I’m proud of Michaela, because I think I would still be pretty bitter for awhile over something like this. Still, just like with Grace’s situation, it’s hard to say what one would do – everyone thought she was dead!

The Shadow

In the last minutes, we get to see possibly what’s causing all this chaos, and it’s a shadow figure. I’m not sure if this foe is going to be awesome enough to explain the entire show and I’m leaning toward not, but I hope the shadow is just an agent of the bigger bad Manifest has to offer. Take a look at the clip with the reveal! 

The Verdict

Some are still not ready to jump on the Manifest bandwagon, but I am pretty close to being all in. I really liked how this week’s episode gave us a lot more about each character and the overall plot, but only enough to make sure I come back. Manifest is its own show, now. I can’t compare it to anything else anymore, and that is really exciting because it means I may not know what’s coming next.

The show keeps ringing home the theme of ‘all things happen for a reason’ so let’s hope it’s a good reason and not a scary, scary, dark one.


Right now, I think my favorite characters are Michaela and Olive, even though we’ve only seen a little of her so far, because they are both strong females. Michaela’s life was in turmoil before the plan incident but she’s not cowering to life, she’s taking it into her own hands. And Olive had to grow up a lot after her father and brother disappeared, but she’s amazing. I know I wasn’t that put together at sixteen years old.

Best Scene

Michaela brought about some of the best moments in this episode, but the highlight of this week was her therapy session to get back on active detective duty. She tries so hard to be strong about everything that’s happened in the past five years (four days for her) but she finally breaks down. She assumes the therapist is going to use that against her, but the opposite happens. As we all have to learn, and it’s sometimes harder for some of us, is that it’s okay to let it out and not be so tough all the time.

MANIFEST — “Reentry” Episode 102 — Pictured: Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

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Manifest airs on NBC, Mondays at 10/9c. Check out the preview for next week’s episode ‘Turbulence’!

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