NFL 2018: Week 5 Pick ‘Em

So as we are 1/4 of the way through the NFL season, a few things have become crystal clear while others have become as clouded as incoming thunderstorm. Teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams remain undefeated while having MVP candidates leading their teams at quarterback.

On the flip side, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons have losing records while struggling with subpar defenses.

Surprises like the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals lead their divisions respectively as we still try to figure out how many more ties we will see this season.

So as we enter week 5, let your band of tired travelers : Alyssa, Lizzie and Charles try ( and Probably fail miserably) to predict the winners of this week’s upcoming football schedule!

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots (Thursday Night)

Charles: NE 34, IND 21 – Close for a little bit but I see Brady and the Pats slowly getting in a groove…again.

Lizzie: NE 35, IND 21 – I want to, I do, but I can’t go there again. I was burned last week.

Alyssa: NE 34, IND 20 – This is that time where the Patriots make us all eat our moments of doubt. Sorry you’re on the brunt end of the stick, Indy.

Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills

Charles: TEN 21, BUF 14 – The Titans are probably the team in the NFL that makes opponents earn every win. They never quit and this will let them get a hard-earned W against the Bills.

Lizzie: BUF 23, TEN 21 – This is opposite week. I’m picking against common sense as much as possible.

Alyssa: TEN 24, BUF 13 – While I’m not entirely convinced the Titans can pull this off for too much longer, they’re playing the Bills for crying out loud.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Charles: ATL 34, PIT 31 – Two very underachieving teams, I give the nod to the Falcons just because of Matt Ryan and that explosive Falcons Offense.

Lizzie: ATL 41, PIT 28 – Except with Pittsburgh, as I can’t pick them.

Alyssa: ATL 34, PIT 27 – While the Falcons defense has given games away for its offense this season, they might’ve just found a team that’s struggling even more than they are right now.

Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets

Charles: DEN 21, NYJ 10 – After a heartbreaking loss, facing the Jets must feel like medicine to this Broncos team.

Lizzie: DEN 24, NYJ 6 – I almost want the Broncos to lose, because a shakeup is needed. I don’t think they manage it, though.

Alyssa: DEN 24, NYJ 7 – The Broncos defense brought Pat Mahomes down to Earth for a moment there. Imagine what they’re going to do to Sam Darnold.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Charles: KC 24, JAX 21 – This could be the game of the day but I’m not picking against that Mahomes kid anymore.

Lizzie: JAX 28, KC 20 -The Chiefs aren’t perfect, and Mahomes isn’t the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Alyssa: JAX 24, KC 17 – The Broncos showed everyone that it is in fact possible to rattle Patrick Mahomes. Now, against this dominant defense — and a Jags offense that can put up some points — the Jags should be able to pull off what the Broncos couldn’t.

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

Charles: GB 31, DET 10 – I don’t know if the Packers actually have a defense or that shutout over the Bills was a fluke but they at least will make it 2 weeks in a row of excellence.

Lizzie: GB 28, DET 14 – Picking otherwise would be a biiiiiiiiiiig stretch.

Alyssa: DET 24, GB 23 – Against my otherwise good judgment, I’m picking the Lions mostly because I’m trying to will it to happen. Need my Bears to keep first place in the North on their bye week.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns

Charles: CLE 23, BALT 20 – My upset alert of the day as the Browns are going to start winning the close games for a change.

Lizzie: CLE 24, BAL 19 – I’m just gonna keep picking the Browns.

Alyssa: CLE 27, BAL 20 – The Browns are just a couple plays away from being undefeated. So you have to figure eventually they’re going to start winning these close games, right?

New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers

Charles: CAR 27, NYG 17 – The Giants have a ton of potential but no wins to show for it. Panthers add one more loss to the total.

Lizzie: NYG 24, CAR 20 – Why not?

Alyssa: CAR 24, NYG 17 – The Giants have the talent but can’t seem to find a way to win with it.

Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Charles: CIN 34, MIA 20 – This is less about the Bengals and more that the Dolphins are big phonies. They had their chance to step up against the Pats and failed miserably.

Lizzie: MIA 24, CIN 23 – I flipped a coin.

Alyssa: CIN 31, MIA 21 – Sure, the Dolphins jumped out to a 3-0 start. But they’re starting to face some more talented teams that are going to act as truth serum for this Dolphins team.

Oakland Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Charles: OAK 27, LAC 27 – Going to keep picking a tie till one happens again and who else but the Raiders would it seem perfect to happen to.

Lizzie: OAK 21, LAC 21 – I like Charles’ idea, so I’m also going with tie. I hate both of them enough for this to work.

Alyssa: LAC 21, OAK 20 – Someone’s gotta mix it up, right?

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers

Charles: ARI 13, SF 9 – Maybe this is the game I should have picked the tie in instead of Oakland/LA.

Lizzie: ARI 12, SF 9 – It was boring to even think about this game.

Alyssa: SF 14, ARI 10 – Is this game even relevant to anyone outside of San Fran and Arizona?

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Charles: PHI 41, MIN 37 – Both have defenses that are struggling so I’m going to go with the home team on this one just for that long forgotten home field advantage.

Lizzie: PHI 38, MIN 37 – I expect points. And probably a super entertaining game.

Alyssa: PHI 34, MIN 31 – If you don’t like defense and love points, this is the game for you. Again, picking against the NFC North team for selfish reasons here.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks

Charles: LAR 34, SEA 17 – The Rams are playing really fantastic on offense right now and that will be enough till help comes for the defense in a few weeks.

Lizzie: LAR 31, SEA 14 – I’m not picking against the Rams, not right now.

Alyssa: LAR 31, SEA 17 – There’s no stopping the Rams offense right now. Have fun, Seattle.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans

Charles: DAL 24, HOU 14 – No Frank Reich here to save the Texans from another loss or tie.

Lizzie: DAL 21, HOU 19 – I almost feel like it could go either way.

Alyssa: DAL 20, HOU 17 – Which Cowboys team are we going to get here? They’ll do just enough to escape with a win.

Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints (Monday Night)

Charles: NO 41, WASH 34 – You like seeing points scored at a non-stop pace? Then this is the game for you!

Lizzie: NO 45, WAS 30 – Many points from the Saints is pretty much the norm around here.

Alyssa: NO 41, WASH 34 – See, we’re all in agreement here. Shootout, here we come!

What are your picks for Week 5?

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