NFL Week 4 Storylines: Coaching, Coaching, Coaching

Sports can often be like TV/Movies in that there’s always a story-line. It’s not just about what happens during the game, it’s about the narrative, it’s about how things come together, how they progress. If the NFL, for example, were just about men trying to tackle each other, we wouldn’t really care, would we?

But, of course, it’s about much more than that, so before week 5 gets officially under way, let’s talk about the week 4 story-lines you should paying attention to going into week 5.

Coaching Changes Coming Soon?

It’s very early in the season for this, but it seems like more than one team might already be reaching the end of it’s rope when it comes to their coaches. Especially in places like Denver, where the coaching staff barely survived last year. Week 5 is not the time to fire anyone, conventional wisdom says, and yet this is something to keep an eye on.

Officiating Woes

Yes, some rules have changed, but if your job is knowing the rules, you think you could figure that out, right? WRONG. Through 4 weeks of the season it seems like the officiating has gotten progressively worse, to the point where I’m not sure what to expect anymore, as a different crew of umpires will, seemingly, call plays differently. Not good, and something I hope improves as the season goes on (though, come on, it’s Week 5, get it together NOW).

The Almost-there Browns

There’s no denying the Browns are better, and yet they’ve made their fans suffer a lot this year by basically making sure they make it a game till the last possible moment, and then just not converting when it matters. Is this a matter of luck or is the team not as good as I, and some others believe? Yes, I’m saying it, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Browns from now till the end of the season.

Late-Game Heroics

This happens every year, of course. That’s why betting is so widespread, there are many ways things could go. But it seems like the past few years we’ve been treated to not just one, or two, but four or five upsets a week. What gives? Is it parity? Are teams just phoning it in (we’re looking at you in the second half, Pittsburgh)? Either way, it’s worth keeping an eye on wether the season remais as crazy or things stabilize and we can suddenly actually get some picks right.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

NFL Week 3 gets underway tonight, when the Indianapolis Colts play at the home of the New England Patriots.


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