‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×3 Review: Gut Feeling

You know how you have to try a little harder till you get it?

That’s what the first day of being chief of surgery for Alex Karev felt like it on this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. But that’s okay because he’s just starting off on this new position, it takes adjustments and from what we’ve seen Alex go through all this time, he can handle it. Alex has always been the underdog on Grey’s Anatomy for too long now, one of the reasons why he’s my absolute favorite on this show, so allowing him to explore this new territory will be different but also exciting to watch.

But poor thing went in head-on with no guidance, but he was able to pick up the pace and find a way to hold himself to that kind of responsibility. Even though it meant having to fire Dr. Roy within an instant. I’m not sad to see Dr. Roy go because I was never a fan of him before and the way he tried to mess with Bailey to take him back last season. Well, Karev is not Bailey anymore and that excuse won’t work on him. I wonder if he’ll be gone for good, but nonetheless, that was one big decision (of many to come as chief) Karev pulled.

Speaking of another role of leadership, the way Karev put his foot down and stood up to Dr. Weber in the OR was interesting to watch. Given how it’s always been the other way around and Dr. Weber usually is the respectable one on the show.

However, something seems to be up with Dr. Weber. The way he was adamant in determining that patient was an alcoholic was a side of him we haven’t see in a while. I get how he was attempting to prove a point in knowing full hand how can spot an alcoholic a mile away, but there may be more to him than he’s leading on. I hope it’s nothing too serious. Plus, he seems to be missing Catherine. Maybe that’s it too.

Meanwhile, Maggie is struggling to keep this secret of Teddy’s. I’m not sure how much longer Maggie can keep it up but it’s unfair of Teddy to put that kind of information on her. HIPPA rules, we get it. But Teddy needs to approach Owen soon before whatever is going on with Owen and Amelia begins to get more serious. I don’t want Amelia breaking Owen’s heart again.

While the producers of the show have mentioned that season 15 will be the “season of love” I’m curious as to how this will pan out, especially for Meredith. Watching her approve of her patient/match maker’s suggestions is kind of adorable to see in Meredith. Opening up has never really been her strongest trait, I know how that feels like because I can relate to her in that sense, but seeing this side of her, is pretty unique.

Again, it’s another change of character dynamic we’re seeing this season and we’re only in the second episode. It’s refreshing to watch. Let her live a little. You can definitely sniff that tension going on with DeLuca dn Meredith though. It

Other thoughts:

  • Sooo Jackson decided to up and leave out of nowhere to figure things out? I did NOT expect that from him so soon. He really is trying to discover himself, huh?
  • There’s something about Link that’s intriguing. He has this type of personality i can’t seem to pinpoint. He seems cool though, he’s not a terrible addition to the show just yet. I’m watching you, Link.

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Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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