‘Manifest’ 1×03 Review: Turbulence

I’m an 100% invested in Manifest now so, please, please, please TV gods, don’t cancel it. The plot for this show is so interesting that they don’t even have to give us a cliffhanger, I’m just ready for another episode as soon as each new one ends. Normally when a show’s plot is covered in drama, anything extra would annoy me, but not with Manifest. NBC made it work here because the big drama is unknown but the people are known, so their drama is what makes everything so compelling. 

If I weren’t writing reviews each week, this would be the kind of show I’d wait until the end of the season to watch so I could binge it all in one sitting. I want to know what’s coming next so badly it’s stressing me out, so kudos to you writing team! The writers also get the little things, like all the technology the passengers are behind on from their five and a half year vanishing act.

Let me break down ‘Turbulence’ further…


She is the most compelling character each week, but she also causes me the most heartache. Michaela is trying to answer their strange calling, from whatever happened on the plane, but she is also the one with the most skeletons in her closet from before the plane disappeared. We got to learn more about her past this week and her car crash that killed her friend and turned her life upside down.

Michaela deserves the wins she’s getting from the mystery that the plane has given them. She is a good person who really lost everything, and I am rooting for her so hard. I especially want her ex fiance, who’s married to her other best friend now, to get back together with her. I said it, I do. Michaela doesn’t need a man but she deserves Jared (J.R. Ramirez).

I admire her for continuing to search for the truth even after one of the passengers was murdered. She is doing everything she can to own her mistakes and move forward, including confronting the parents of her friend who past in the car accident. Thanks to them, she finally gets over her fear of driving and solves the case again. Michaela is my girl and I am here for whatever she’s doing because she’s a badass.


Ben and Grace

These two seem to get a joint heading every week, but it makes sense because even their separate stories are intertwined through their marriage. In episodes one and two, I wanted Grace to put her boyfriend aside and get back with Ben, because he’s her husband, even if she did nothing wrong. But now that I’m getting to know Grace more, I don’t think she should be forced to give up the love she found, not if that makes her happy.

Ben knows she was involved with someone, finally, and I think he might be on my line of thinking regarding Grace’s happiness but she’s still his wife so he’s not going to just give her away. I am loving Josh Dallas so much more on Manifest then I ever did on Once Upon A Time, I can’t tell you why but he is just clicking in this role. He’s running around with Michaela trying to solve the mystery and working with Saanvi on the medical side.


I got a lot more of Saanvi in this episode and I’m thankful for it because she’s a freaking doctor. Shouldn’t we be letting her look into all of this? She already found something crazy in her and Cal’s blood that was never there and has some theories about what’s going on, or what could have gone on.

On the same note that I want her more involved because she’s an awesome character and has the right tools and mind to solve this mystery, I’m also worried about her. We learned who killed the passenger, even though the shadow mystery was not touched at all, but how involved can Saanvi, Ben, and Michaela get before they suffer the same fate?

Favorite Scene

Michaela was the star of all my favorite moments (I know you’re probably not surprised), but the absolute highlight in this was her actually driving. She came around full circle in that moment. Her fear of driving came from getting in an accident that killed her best friend but she was able to drive again to save that friend’s mother. Michaela needed that kind of motivation to get over her fear of being behind the wheel. And now, she’s a little bit brighter thanks to this huge win in her life.

Next up, where is Kelly’s body and what comes next? Manifest is on NBC, Monday nights at 10/9c.

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