‘Better Call Saul’ 4×10 Review: It’s All Good, Man

Well, Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman is finally complete. In the finale, Jimmy got his law license back after he put on one of the best performances of his life to convince the bar association that he was “sincere” and considered Chuck an influence on his desire to become a lawyer. I thought we were seeing real emotion from Jimmy there for a second, but it was just another one of his acts.

Upon his reinstatement, Jimmy announced that he would know longer be practicing law under the name “McGill” and we all know where he goes from there, because the “Breaking Bad” era is finally upon us. I’m not sure exactly when season 5 will pick up in the story, but with Jimmy announcing that he will practice under the name “Saul Goodman” in this season 4 finale it’s only a matter of time before Jesse and Walt make their long awaited appearance.

The main question I have after the finale is, where will Kim’s place be in all of this? She was clearly upset once she realized Jimmy’s emotional speech about his relationship with Chuck at the final bar hearing was all an act, so will this be the final breaking point for the two of them? Will she finally decide that Jimmy is a lost cause, or will she be there to the end? It seems like there might be a brief window of time between Jimmy being reinstated as a lawyer and starting his practice where he meets Jesse and Walt in which we will find out what happens with their relationship. In “Breaking Bad” Saul briefly mentions that he’s been married three times, and I’m assuming the first time is to Kim. If this is the case, then they will continue their relationship past the season 4 finale but it’s not going to end well as we all know that Saul ends up miserable and alone.

The only hope I have for seeing the two of them together and happy again is if “Better Call Saul” continues past the finale of “Breaking Bad” and shows us what happens once Jimmy’s new identity in Nebraska is inevitably blown. I could see him turning to Kim for help if they have at least stayed in touch over the years, and Jimmy’s near death experience with Walt and Jesse might finally be the push he needs to get his life back on track. If he was able to change in the end, I think that he and Kim could end up having a long lasting relationship together.

Also, as we all thought, Werner Ziegler’s fate wasn’t pretty. I don’t think he ever really understood the man he was working for. Everyone knows that Gus Fring doesn’t give second chances to people he doesn’t trust, and he won’t hesitate to wipe out a potential problem, usually by ordering that person’s execution or killing them himself. Ziegler really thought that he could escape from the warehouse to visit his wife, and accidentally tell one of Fring’s enemies over the phone who was pretending to work for Gus that he was working on a big project, without facing serious consequences, in this case a bullet in the back of the head courtesy of Mike. Now I understand that this is how Gus Fring operates and it doesn’t surprise me when he murders people or their families at the drop of a hat, but Mike agreeing to kill Werner seems completely unlike him to me.

One of the things I’ve never understood from “Breaking Bad” or “Better Call Saul” is why Mike continues to work for Gus and be so loyal to him when he continued to do horrible things to people. Mike’s whole thing was that he didn’t want to kill anyone, but he’s willing to shoot Werner, who became a friend to him, in the back of the head just because Gus Fring wanted him to? Mike’s loyalty to Gus will never make sense to me, but maybe something about him will be revealed in the next season that explains their relationship better, or maybe I just missed something.

Any number of things could happen in season 5 of “Better Call Saul” but I’m really hoping that we finally get to see some cameo appearances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Seeing Jimmy become Saul absolutely breaks my heart, but the only consolation is that we finally get to dive back into the beautiful madness of “Breaking Bad.” It’s going to feel like an eternity until season 5, but I know what they have in store for the continuation of the show will be absolutely fantastic, just like every season they have made so far.

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