NFL Week 6: Five Must-Watch Games

Welcome to week 6! The NFL has been treating us to some interesting games, surprising defeats, and unexpected division leaders. Week 6 promises to bring us more of the same, and I couldn’t be more excited.

With the first month of the season out of the way, we are seeing teams starting to become more defined, work out their kinks, and give us smoother play.

Here are 5 of the must watch games for week 6!

1. Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Thursday, 8:20 PM


Both of these two teams are desperate for a win. Thursday night is always a fun time for a game, and a game in the Meadowlands is always gonna give you a good atmosphere. I think that Philadelphia should be able to pull this game out, but it really could go either way. Whichever team wins will make themselves feel just a bit better, but the loser will just be further down in what could turn into a disasterous season.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, 1:00 PM


This game is going to be interesting because in years past you would see this fixture and anticipate the Steelers walking away with a comfortable win. But this year the Bengals are one of the nice surprises of the year. They look confident and comfortable and the Steelers are out there tying games with the Cleveland Browns. It is a division game the Pittsburgh would desperately like to win, but I just don’t think they will.

3. Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins

Sunday, 1:00 PM


The Chicago Bears are on a roll. The Miami Dolphins have begun their inevitable downward spiral. Khalil Mack against Ryan Tannehill is going to be wonderful for the Bears and nightmarish for the Dolphins. Now, the Dolphins will be looking for a win but I just think that the Bears defense will be too much for them to handle.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, 4:25 PM


The Jags are pissed off. They don’t like losing, and I expect them to be fired up against the lukewarm Dallas Cowboys this weekend. The defense should have no problem with Dak Prescott, and should be able to slow down Elliot. As long as Bortles is able to put up the points the Jags should be able to get back on track with a win this week.

5. Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Sunday, 8:20 PM


This game is going to be good. Patrick Mahomes is a young quarterback who is taking complete control of his team and shattering expectations. They haven’t lost a game, and they are offensively on fire. On the other side, you’ve got Tom Brady and a Patriots team who has gone through their yearly readjustment period and seem to be back on track. I am very excited for this game, and if anyone is gonna beat the Chiefs right now it’s Brady and the Pats.

What games are you looking forward to in Week 6?

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