‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×4 Review: ‘Momma Knows Best’

Sometimes, just one thing can make all the difference. Even when you don’t think it will.

On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, we’ve got Meredith on her first matchmaker-arranged date (with Josh Radnor as the guest star), Alex breaking a rule as chief of surgery, and Maggie once again stuck in a predicament.

Meredith’s Big Date

Meredith gets all glammed up with her makeup and outfit, and everyone notices it. It’s cute that everyone remarks on it. because it clearly shows Meredith is not so used to this type of lifestyle. But a change can be good, and it’s known that she’s willing to make it now.

Her date with John starts off a bit awkward but as the conversation goes, it turns out being a normal one. That little mix-up of both of them realizing they were with their wrong blind dates was a funny bit.

For some reason, I kind of expected John’s remarks about single mothers. I mean, we get that he was being honest, but the timing of it was really awkward. Meredith’s gracious response to what he says makes you admire this woman even more.

Momma knows best, right?

Even with this whole new take of her character  trying new things this season, Meredith knows exactly what she wants. She stands her ground, without a hint of doubt. She’s been through A LOT over the years with Derek’s death, her family, and her career as a whole to not know what’s around her and how to go about it. It’s her growth that impresses me the most and how she is so strong. Onto the next date, I hope. But I do want to see Nick Marsh return. I doubt they will bring him back as a guest, but I can dream!

Alex Breaking The Rules

Meanwhile, Alex is still finding his niche with this new position. His breaking the rules just screams “Alex Karev” because of his daring personality. He just comes from a caring place and ends up going with his gut, even when it seems to be wrong legally.

Hopefully, after this episode, Richard’s sly pettiness toward Alex will simmer down. It’s understandable that he wants emphasize his years of experience, but the only way to help Alex grow professionally in his new position is to guide him the right and helpful way.

There is obviously a lot that Alex must adjust to and work on to excel with his new job, but it looks like he’s starting to get a grip on it. The way he used Richard’s mother’s advice was a clever move.

Maggie’s Predicament

While Maggie is still grasping Jackson’s sudden decision to be one with the trees in his newfound sabbatical, you can tell the her frustration over keeping secrets is beginning to build. While struggling with keeping Teddy’s secret, she’s put in an uncomfortable position with the boy, Max, and his father about the condition of his mother. I agree with Maggie’s standpoint. The kid has got to know the truth. He needs the chance to say goodbye to his mother.

She ends up breaking doctor/patient confidentiality by telling Meredith about Teddy’s pregnancy. I thought she would have been able to keep it in a little while longer, but wow, things are going to get interesting from here.

Other thoughts:

  • Oooh, how does Jo know Link? I’m curious!
  • Bailey is so protective of Ben, it’s adorable.

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Grey’s Anatomy will return to ABC on Thursday, October 25 at 8/7 Central.

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