‘Manifest’ 1×04 Review: Unclaimed Baggage

First off, I gotta give Manifest props for being so real. This show is not afraid to tackle the real life issues that could come from this scenario, as crazy as it all is. I loved the addition of the life insurance money into the story, because that would so happen. I can’t even imagine suddenly owing half a million dollars, but luckily Ben is a math genius.

I’ll get into some of the other more real-to-life situations in a second, but first I want to say this: The episode was not about the mystery surrounding Flight 828, but the people, and that was surprisingly good. Last week’s promo led me to believe I was gonna get some really cool answers and I didn’t. Luckily, the content in ‘Unclaimed Baggage’ was still excellent, so I’m still 100% here for Manifest. I can wait a little longer for answers.

Let me break this episode down a little more…

The Other Man Reveal

I got to see the man Grace was involved with while Ben was ‘dead’ and his connection to Olive. I admit, I want to see Ben and Grace work things out and be a family but there’s definitely something there for her and Danny (Daniel Sunjata). I was shaken when Ben found the box of photos while he was solving their money crisis. He is trying so hard, but his life has been turned upside down. To be fair, which I haven’t been yet, so has Grace and Olive’s. This is a complicated situation for absolutely everyone.

Olive shoplifted and got caught. Ben went to get her to improve their relationship, but she called Danny. I cringed when the store associate told Ben she thought Olive’s father was already there. Olive and Ben still got to share a tender moment, which I loved but this Danny thing is not over. I don’t think Grace is really over him and he’s clearly important to Olive too. I just hurt for Ben in all this. He didn’t do anything wrong.


Michaela And Jared Are Reconnecting

You all know Michaela is my girl and that I ship her and Jared, his wife be damned (I’m only half serious). I love the way Jared looks out for Michaela, even though they aren’t together, he’s still her number one advocate. He’s so worried about her and whatever’s going on with her. Michaela can’t tell him anything, I know that, but I really wish she could.

Their time in the car during a stakeout, before her vision led to a missed call, was so good. I felt their chemistry reigniting and wish they’d shared a kiss. I know I should be rooting for his wife, but Michaela missed five years and if she hadn’t, she and Jared would be married. I see their future heating up on Manifest and I am rooting for it. My girl deserves a win.

The Stowaway Mystery Was Not As Exciting As Teased

I’m going to admit that I am really annoyed that the stowaway promo was revealed to be nothing at all related with the mystery. They really led me to believe this was gonna be a kinda big reveal but it wasn’t at all. In fact, the stowaway isn’t related to the disappearance of the flight at all.

It turned out, the flight attendant was helping her cousin’s boyfriend get back to him in NYC. His life was in danger in Jamaica because being openly gay is not okay therem and he couldn’t get a passport in time so Bethany (Mugga) helped him out. A vision for Saanvi and Michaela led to saving this man from the psych ward but this was not the big reveal I wanted.

Questions I still have:

  • What’s up with the shadow? I saw it in Cal’s drawing and at the murder of 828 passenger Kelly, but when are we going to know more…
  • What’s Grace going to do about Ben and Danny? She clearly loves both men but one is the father to her children. Only Olive knows about Danny so they’d be shaking up Cal’s world (again) to but them together so what’s going to happen… I know that story still has a lot to unfold.
  • What do all the differences in the 828 passengers bodies really mean?
  • Can we get more sexy math?

Catch Manifest on NBC, Mondays at 10/9c.


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