NBC Orders A Full Season For ‘Manifest’

Manifesters, today is a great day because NBC is giving Manifest a full season! Now we can really break down this mystery. Josh Dallas already took to Twitter to share the news sharing his gratitude to the fanbase for loving the show. The order will add three episodes to the show’s run which will make a sixteen episode season. I know we’re used to twenty-two episode seasons but with stories like Manifest’s, a smaller amount is more logical for the story telling. 

Additional episodes mean more time for the character development that the show has been doing so well. But it also allows for the plane mystery to be fully looked into and explained, unless this tale needs more then one season for us to fully understand. I’m game for that because I’m into Manifest for the long haul. I don’t even need the plane disappearance to keep me intrigued because the characters and the changes its caused in their lives is intriguing enough.

I can’t wait to see more about Grace and Ben and how their decisions impact their family. I hope Jared decides to get back together with Michaela and more of all together Michaela being a badass. And please more of Ben and Michaela teaming up to solve the messages they keep receiving. They are a dynamic duo and good be a trio if Saanvi goes all in with them. Saanvi is going to solve this mystery, I can feet it. I have so much love for these characters and this show!

What do you think the extra episodes will get us? Do you think the plane mystery gets more of a spotlight? Or, with the characters different situations get more time to be properly resolved (if any of them have a real resolution)? Sound off with your thoughts on where Manifest goes from here and your hopes for the show.

Catch Manifest on NBC, Mondays at 10/9c!


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