NFL Pick ‘Em: Week 7

Week 7 arrives this weekend in the NFL season and the picture is getting clearer for some teams while others are still trying to find their way. Some things – Aaron Rodgers carrying the Packers, the Patriots scoring points by the barrel and NFC East being a almost barren wasteland – are as clear now as they have been for awhile.  Other things – Such as where did the Jaguars defense go?…..Where did the Eagles defense go?……..Does anyone want to be the Bills QB??…these are questions that remain unanswered.

So with that in mind, our Fangirlish sports staff — Charles, Alyssa, Lizzie and Katherine — once again try our very best to predict who the winners of week 7 in the NFL season will be below!!

Denver Broncos vs. Arizona Cardinals (Thursday Night)

Charles: DEN 24, ARI 14 – Broncos right now aren’t anything to brag about but they are much better team at the moment than the Cardinals even if the records don’t highlight that.

Lizzie: DEN 24, ARI 14 – I almost want the Broncos to lose this one, see if that triggers the changes that we desperately need.

Alyssa: DEN 28, ARI 17 – The NFL wants to sell that there’s “hope in the desert” right now. There is hope. Just not for the Cardinals.

Katherine: DEN 23, ARI 13 – The league has been so weird this year, but I just don’t see the Cards pulling this one off.

Tennessee Titans vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Charles: LAC 34, TEN 31 – Close game and I’ll go with the (Upset?) and a Chargers clutch victory for a change.

Lizzie: TEN 31, LAC 30 – I have seen too much of the Chargers to have any actual faith in them.

Alyssa: LAC 31, TEN 20 – Well, things certainly escalated quickly for the Titans. And the Chargers for that matter. This could easily be a toss-up game though.

Katherine: TEN 34, LAC 27 –  This one is an interesting game because in theory it could go either way, for some reason I’m feeling the Titans in this one.

Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Charles: JAX 21, HOU 17 – The Jaguars have to win again. If not for the playoff hunt, at least for Jason from The Good Place.

Lizzie:  JAX 21, HOU 10 – The Jags can’t lose this one, can they? Imagine Jason’s disappointment.

Alyssa: JAX 24, HOU 14 – The Jaguars defense is pissed off. Deshaun Watson has a tendency to turn the ball over. His line has a tendency to not pass block. Have at him, boys.

Katherine: JAX 27, HOU 10 – Come on Jags, you can do this

Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Charles: PHI 24, CAR 13 – The Defense of the Eagles has to show that they are still really great. A showcase performance against the Panthers could be it.

Lizzie: PHI 24, CAR 14 – I don’t think the Panthers are as good as they’ve looked at times this season, or the Eagles as bad as they have at times this season.

Alyssa: CAR 24, PHI 20 – The Eagles can’t play the Giants every week. This should be an entertaining game right here.

Katherine: CAR 27, PHI 24 – I think this will actually be a good test for the Eagles. The Super Bowl champs need to have a legitimate test for them to be considered back on track.

Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Jets

Charles: MIN 24, NYJ 7 – The Vikings should win this game. But…..stranger things have happened.

Lizzie:  MIN 28, NYJ 10 – I disagree with Alyssa and Charles, if the Vikings lost this game, that’ll be very near the top of strange things that have happened in the NFL.

Alyssa: MIN 24, NYJ 14 – The Jets should lose this game. But as Charles said, stranger things have happened.

Katherine: MIN 31, NYJ 10 – If this game goes the other way then I don’t even know what is happening anymore.

New England Patriots vs. Chicago Bears

Charles: NE 34, CHI 20 – The Patriots (On offense at least) are on a roll. The Bears are not after a tough loss to the Dolphins.

Lizzie: NE 28, CHI 21 – UGH UGH UGH I hate common sense, come on Bears, do it for me. And for Alyssa.

Alyssa: NE 31, CHI 24 – If you’d have told me that I’d be more encouraged by the Bears offense than defense heading into this game, I’d have thought you’re crazy. But with that said, Tom Brady is on the other side and the Bears are potentially down Khalil Mack. But stranger things have happened.

Katherine: NE 34, CHI 24 – This game is more intriguing to me than it was when I first saw it on the schedule, but I just think the offense of the Pats is on a role. That being said if Mack can consistently get to Brady it will make things interesting.

Buffalo Bills vs. Indianapolis Colts


Lizzie: IND 10, BUF 10 – Going with Charles on this one, because why not?

Alyssa: IND 20, BUF 7 – While Derek Anderson gets the start, the Bills are once again one play away from Nathan Peterman. And Nathan Peterman himself is worth at least 10 points for the Colts.

Katherine: IND 23, BUF 3 – Guys the Bills suck, no matter what my coworker constantly tells me

Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Charles: CLE 24, TB 23 – Someday the Browns will catch a break and why not against a falling off a cliff Buccaneers team.

Lizzie: CLE 27, TB 23 – I’m going to keep picking the Browns, okay?

Alyssa: CLE 27, TB 24 – Close game, but I’m still riding this Browns train until not only the wheels fall off but the damn thing crashes and burns.

Katherine: CLE 28, TB 21 – Go Cleveland go!!

Detroit Lions vs. Miami Dolphins

Charles: MIA 30, DET 23 – Dolphins have potential to be a good team but does Brock Osweiler have it in him to do it again??

Lizzie: DET 28, MIA 24 – I have seen too much of Brock Osweiler to believe he can be consistently good.

Alyssa: MIA 27, DET 21 – Mostly I just don’t want the Lions to win here. But again, the Dolphins have that searing Florida heat on their side….and Brock Osweiler?

Katherine: DET 27, MIA 17 – Tannehill is hurt? Let me show you my shocked face. I think this game goes to the Lions.

New Orleans Saints vs. Baltimore Ravens

Charles: NO 44, BALT 30- Would be shocked if Brees DOESN’T throw for 5 TDs and 400 yards against this Ravens defense.

Lizzie: NO 45, BALT 28 – Oh, Brees is salivating and fantasy owners are too.

Alyssa: NO 37, BALT 30 – If you want defense, this is not the game for you. I know the Ravens had 11 sacks last week, but that was against the Titans. Drew Brees is coming to town.

Katherine: NO 45, BALT 21 – Have at it Brees, Ingram, Kamara, all of the above.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

Charles: WAS 27, DAL 24 – I don’t know if either of these teams are any good but I do think this game will be really good.

Lizzie: WAS 24, DAL 17 – Both teams kinda suck, but I have to pick one.

Alyssa: WAS 24, DAL 17 – Really looking for the Cowboys to come back from that fantasy world where people actually think they’re good.

Katherine: WAS 17, DAL 17 – Here is my weekly tie prediction because I don’t think either team is capable of winning.

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

Charles: LAR 40, SF 10 – Oh boy. The Rams are going to destroy these guys.

Lizzie: LAR 44, SF 10 – I almost feel bad for the 49ers here.

Alyssa: LAR 34, SF 20 – The 49ers have put up some surprisingly good fights against teams, but their defense is not ready for this Rams offense.

Katherine: LAR 37, SF 17 – Poor poor San Fran…

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Charles: KC 34, CIN 31 – High scoring throughout but I think the Chiefs recover from their heartbreaking loss to the Patriots with a W against the Bengals.

Lizzie: CIN 31, KC 30 – Mostly I just want this to happen. And, hey, it’s that time of the season where we sort out who’s for real and who’s a pretender.

Alyssa: CIN 31, KC 30 – It’s about that time in the season where I start waiting for Andy Reid and the Chiefs’ meltdown mid-season after a hot start.

Katherine: CIN 28, KC 27 – Mahomes is finally seeing offenses that are able to outscore him

New York Giants vs. Atlanta Falcons (Monday Night)

Charles: NYG 23, ATL 20 – Why not?

Lizzie: ATL 28, NYG 10 – No, Charles, no way.

Alyssa: ATL 24, NYG 17 – How did the Falcons get so lucky two weeks in a row?

Katherine: ATL 28, NYG 19 – The Giants are currently a disaster and the Falcons will take full advantage.

What are your picks for Week 7 in the NFL?

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