FEELS OF THE WEEK: October 14th – October 20th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: Felicity Smoak, Arrow. WHEN SHE THREW THE COFFEE AT DIAZ. AND THEN STOPPED A BULLET WITH THE COFFEE POT. AND THEN LUNGED AT HIM, all to protect William. Gah. I still remember the Felicity from Season One, and to see this woman, to see who much she’s grown, how much of a hero she is, without a fucking mask, it just makes me so incredibly proud.

Lyra: I’m trying my hardest to not be tempted back into Arrow after the season premiere where Felicity Smoak kicked so much ass! She’s not a trained professional but she threw everything she had to protect herself and her charge. As an older sister I can understand and feel the desperation in her to keep alive. Damn, like Lizzie, I am so incredibly proud of this woman and look back on her first moments on this show with so much pride. Felicity Smoak has come far and I know that this isn’t the end of it. It’s just the start!

Mimi: Both young Theo and old Theo on The Haunting of Hill House. Young Theo is fierce and tries to protect her younger siblings from the horrors of the house. Old Theo is guarded but is still in the business of helping children get past trauma.

Kayla: Mina Okafor, The Resident. Mina is my queen! She told off AJ twice in the same episode! Once by telling him “no one owns me” and the second by telling him she is “not his descendant” but “in a line of her own” (referring to him teaching her how to be a surgeon). Other words, she paves her own way! I fell in love with her more, if that’s possible.

Erica: Nora West-Allen, The Flash. I just caught up on the first two episodes of season five and I’m so happy with the show right now (please keep it up). I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Nora after her big reveal at the end of season four, but I am here to say she is my absolute favorite. I love her relationship with Barry, like it’s melting my heart. She handles herself like an adult but (like myself) she’s a big, old, fangirl. She’s shown a lot of strength since her appearance and I can’t wait to see more Nora! Jessica Parker Kennedy is a fabulous edition to this cast.

PS – I’m going to add shway to my everyday vocab!

Naomi: Iris West-Allen, The Flash. Though she wasn’t kicking any ass, she surely was taking names. With a heavy heart (because she found out Barry’s never coming back and why Nora is giving her the brush off), she dove head first back into investigative reporting. She got Captain Singh to give her off the record info on the newest threat to Central City and by the end of the episode, she had everyone in STAR Labs listening to the sounds of their next big bad, Cicada. I hope that Iris keeps her nose to the grind- her story deserves this sort of layering in addition to the heart tugging stuff she normally deals with.

OTP of the Week


Lizzie: Fine, I’ll say it. Olicity, Arrow. It’s been a while since I’ve cared or watched this show regularly, but that scene in jail, with Oliver thinking Felicity was dead at first, and then catching a glimpse at her, with his desperation for Felicity to be safe, with her standing up to him, and ready to fight back, and in the end, his acceptance that this is what she needs to do? It was BEAUTIFUL.

Lyra: I agree, Lizzie. I feel like I’m being lead into a trap of feelings by Arrow that will suck me back into the vortex that is this show. The chemistry, love, and worry between these Oliver and Felicity was so raw and beautiful…I mean, HOW COULD ANYONE DOUBT THEY’RE ENDGAME! They’re it. Last stop. Lobsters for life.

Erica: Manstead, Chicago Med. I’ve been on the Manstead bandwagon since the very first episode of Med. Will and Natalie have certainly had some obstacles but now they’re engaged! Am I a little worried that they’re already engaged so early into the show? Of course! Their engagement party and the pictures alone melted me. I don’t know how I’ll be when I actually see it. These two characters are in their relationship for all the right reasons and I will be rooting for them until the bitter, bitter end.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Lyra: Carol Peletier, from The Walking Dead, chose this. No one forced her into this, guilted her, or she trapped her because they had a kid together. Also, in the words of Rihanna, “We found love in a hopeless place.” Carol did. Ezekiel did. And it’s beautiful!

Kayla: All of this week’s This Is UsFinding out about Jack’s time in Vietnam and his childhood. Meeting his brother, Nicky – and coming to realize that at one point his dad was actually a decent husband and father and not an abusive drunk.  The moment Jack FINALLY meets up with Nicky in Vietnam is ALL THE FEELS that was worth the wait to see.

Also – Jack’s heart condition and the realization that it may have contributed to Jack’s death after the fire – yet Jack was willing to risk his life to save his brother – and eventually his wife and kids. Shows how much of selfless hero Jack is – and died as. It’s a moment of feels – the whole episode.

Amanda: Kayla said it all. I was dubious about the casting for Nicky when he first got announced-Dan Fogelman and Milo Ventimiglia have together painstakingly created a difficult character to measure up to-and upon watching the episode, they made it clear that that was the POINT. I, and by extension the rest of the audience, was meant to feel that way, because both Jack and Nicky feel inadequate in comparison to the other. Some might call it predictable storytelling, Supernatural has made that beat an all too familiar one for many, but This is Us seems respectful of its characters and their audience’s reaction to them in a way Supernatural isn’t. It’s so refreshing.

Erica: Helen Sharpe explaining death to a young girl on New Amsterdam. Helen has been hit with plenty of sad moments since taking more time to see patients instead of appearing on television, but this one takes the cake. As a mom, it completely devastated me.

Her patient’s cancer returned and there were no more options for treatment other then making her comfortable. The parents hadn’t really told the girl very much about her condition, attempting to shield her. But Helen knew the girl needed to have the information to process and so, she explained what death might be like. Helen did a beautiful job but she had me in tears and herself as soon as she was out of the room. Freema Agyeman continues to stun in her role on this show. I just need to invest in more tissues.

Mimi: Poppy and Will’s friendship on Single Parents. You guys should start watching this show if you’re not. I’m a single parent and i find it endearing and hilarious. When Poppy gets Will to open up about his ex wife and vent his anger and depression by playing volleyball it was the stuff of dodge ball.. LOVE.

Moment That Gave You Hope

Lizzie: The end of The Good Place. Because what else is there? What else can we do but try, try, try? Try to be better. Try to help those around us. That’s pretty much what life is about.

Erica: New Amsterdam, in general. Everything about this show revolves around hope. Hope in humanity, healthcare, and the world. Max is facing cancer and his wife is always moments away from leaving him, but he is out there making people and the world around them better. I always have a little more hope for the world and myself when an episode of this show finishes.

MiMi: Well “Red” A.K.A. Cheryl Blossom is holding it down for everyone in Riverdale. She came quick with good advice this week and didn’t let Veronica’s petty feud with her get in the way of trying to help her. So I feel like there is a big story arch coming for her this season…

Quote of the Week


Lizzie: “Progress is fine, but equality would be better.” – Marty Deeks, getting all feminist, on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Lyra: “If I see your face again, stitches won’t fix what I do to you.” – Rick Grimes, being savage AF, on The Walking Dead

Kayla: “I belong to no one!” – Mina Okafor replying to AJ’s response when he is told Mina is being reassigned to another doctor during her residency, and being the savage queen she is, on The Resident.

Mimi: “Do you wanna know what I’m doing right now Steve? I’m elbow deep in our sisters chest cavity, pulling out a bag of internal organs ‘cause that’s what happens after an autopsy is done. You have to get two grown men, to the goddamned airport! Just GET IT DONE!” –  Shirley, The Haunting of Hill House

Erica: “Shark cage diving, of course.” Ralph Dibny’s (The Flash) number one step on his list of how to get over losing the love of your life.

Naomi: “You cut my hair, I cut you.”- Cisco Ramon, The Flash

WTF Moment of the Week

Lizzie: Andy attacking his SISTER, on The Gifted. Look, Andy, I know you’ve got your anger issues and you believe some things your sister doesn’t agree with and all of that, but she’s YOUR SISTER and you hurt her. Badly. That is completely unacceptable.

Also, hey, can we once again talk about the casting on Charmed? Because it’s even more annoying after the episode, especially considering the show hit us over the head, over and over again, with how WOKE they were. Oh, yeah, but they didn’t care to actually cast latinx actresses. Fake woke, that’s what they are.

Lyra: Every week, until they address this, my WTF moment is going to be Charmed and their false advertisement and wokeness in having a remake with “Latinas” a the forefront. There’s only one Latina. That’s not revolutionary. It’s lying to get viewers, plain and simple.

P.S. Michael leaving Dean’s body on Supernatural. He looked to be the big bad this season so WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Was this his plan all along? And whose body is he inhabiting? Those questions and more are circling around my head like crazy!

Lariel: Constantine: The Legend Continues. The whole damned show. Why, you ask? First, it was a rebranding of “City of Demons,” released last spring at WonderCon. That in itself wasn’t really bad. Constantine is joining Legends of Tomorrow, so I get the reasoning. What bothered me more was the editing for commercials and the Legends teasers (more on those in a second). The cuts were in really awkward spots, which disrupted the viewing experience terribly.

Now, about those teasers: There really wasn’t anything new to them. For some reason, CW chose to wait until the next day to drop their new extended trailer online. Not the way to try to hook any Arrow viewers into sticking around to check out Legends, as evidenced by the hour-to-hour drop in viewers recorded by Nielsen. Let’s hope the actual show will do better.

Naomi: Nora giving her mother the side eye when she was showing excitement for team West-Allen. Now I am sure they have some future issues, but parent respect is parent respect. Also, Nora hitting Barry with lightning. Girl- sit ya ass down for a moment before YOU disappear ya daddy.


Favorite Fall TV Premiere


Lariel: Sticking with The Flash. I liked the Arrow season premiere. It was best Arrow episode I’ve seen in a long, LONG time. But it didn’t *quite* hit the sweet spot for me the way The Flash did. Let’s see whether Legends Of Tomorrow changes my mind next week.

Naomi: The Flash killed their premiere. It hit all the right notes- it was fun and heart breaking when it needed to be.

Lizzie: For this week, it’d have to be Arrow. I already said a lot about why, but I will add that even I am surprised I’m liking this show again.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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