‘Manifest’ 1×05 Review: Connecting Flights

I know last week I bragged on the human focus from this show but they doubled down for this one. I did not expect the feels that I got this week but, boy, did they get me. This show continues to blow me away with its ability to showcase the characters and the things they’ve all been through. Also, how has all of this happened in only ten days???

For example, I was firmly on Team Ben for the last few weeks, but now that I know about Danny…how can I choose? Manifest is messing me up in the best ways. Who knows what I’ll feel by the end of the season? I certainly have no idea. I’m just along for the ride, which I’m enjoying.

I’m gonna break down ‘Connecting Flights’…

Cal and His Connection

There hasn’t been much reveal in the Cal department since he woke when the plane exploded, but that all changed. Somehow, I think he is a major key to all of this. Ben kept hearing “it’s all connected” in his head, but Cal said it and found things he never should have been able to. I am very invested in the lights Cal saw outside the plane window when everyone else was asleep. What does this little boy know that no one else has a clue about?

Back To The Very Beginning

We got the other side of the story this week with the reveal of what the people left behind went through when the plane disappeared. These scenes were deeply character revealing and really changed my perception on some things going on and relationships moving forward. After seeing how Grace found Danny and the impact he has had on her and Olive’s life, how can I wish for them to end things? He is a really good guy. Plus, watching Olive and Grace say goodbye to Danny literally tore my heart from my chest. 


They tried to get me to jump off my Michaela/Jared ship with flashbacks to his evolution with her best friend, but that is not happening. Even Michaela’s Dad is on my side. Jared loves Michaela and I know she loves him too, and no amount of flashbacks to their story will convince me otherwise. Michaela and Jared belong together. She just needs to fight for it.

What is the NSA up to?

I don’t trust these agents at all. Maybe in the very beginning I was all about them solving this mystery, but not anymore. They are not handling things with any level of care, almost as if they don’t feel these passengers are people, but just mysteries to be solved. And, trying to get Jared to turn against Michaela? I will never support that and I hope my deep investment into his character proves me right, that Jared would never do anything to hurt the woman he loves. I know he loves her, y’all.

Favorite Scene

Ok, this moment was actually one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have ever watched that didn’t involve a goodbye or character death. It’s my favorite because it touches on real human emotions and weakness that we don’t always see on television.

In the flashbacks, Grace is in bed six months after the plane’s disappearance. She’s visibly given up. Olive walks into Grace’s room and offers her a bowl of soup, reminding her Mother that she needs to eat. This girl is a child. Grace notices bandages on Olive’s hand and asks about them. This is where they really got me.

Olive explains that she wanted to make her Mom a ham and cheese sandwich but she cut herself and bled on the bread. She says they didn’t have anymore bread, or ham, and the cheese had green spots on it, and ends by telling Grace she hopes she enjoys her soup. They added this to show how bad things got in Grace’s world before she got help and met Danny. As a Mom, it broke me because Grace lost her husband and son but forgot her daughter was still there. It was the wake up call she needed and a good cry for me.

Manifest won’t be back until November 5th. Don’t miss it on NBC, Monday at 10/9c.


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