‘The Flash’ Movie Pushed Back… Again

We know that there is always a wait for things. We know that we need to have patience, because all good things happen in time. But Warner Bros…

Why does The Flash movie keep getting moved?

The movie was set to start filming in March, but it turns out theres some stuff to readjust with the script and they can’t get it done in time. So.. push back.

With production set to start sometime in 2019 – we’re thinking fall – this means a late 2020 release (we’re guessing). Though we’re marking nothing in pen on our calendars – because who knows what will happen.

The Flash star, Ezra Miller, who is also starring in Fantastic Beasts is set to start filming another movie in the series in July. So one has to wonder – will the film ever get made? Recasting?

Who knows at this point.

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