‘Blindspot’ 4×03: “The Quantico Affair” Sneak Peeks

There are hours to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! Do you have as much desire as we do? To open your mouth with everything that awaits us, here are the sneak peeks of “The Quantico Affair” that promises to be awesome.


In this first advance, things get very bad for Tasha. Weitz puts the team behind her. They have already learned that she killed Crawford’s lawyer and, following in her steps with Blake, they have found out that she’s on bad path. This is a serious problem for her … the darkness surrounds her and if now the team goes after her the things can only get worse. To make matters worse, in the middle of all that is Reade, Tasha loves him and if he is disappointed in her … that blow will be harder for Zapata than everything else.

Do you have seen his face? He refuses to believe that Tasha has been able to do all that, that she has become a murderer. For him, everything must have an explanation. He trusts her so much that, although he doesn’t understand anything, he knows that there is something that explains everything. And when Weitz criticizes Tasha’s previous behavior, he lacks nothing to throw himself at. I melt with Reade.

In the second advance, Remi, Kurt and Reade return from a mission that has ended with them pissed off and full of paint. Their angry faces are epic!

In the third preview we see a debate between Rich and Patterson about how to get a cure for Jane. He is in favor of trying everything in his power, however improbable it may seem, and Patterson prefers a scientific approach. These two promise to give us great moments because what will work, science or myth? Or will it be a mixture of both?


Finally, this advance shows us many things. Finally a Jeller scene that I absolutely adore! Remi can’t kill Kurt, even though her coincidence and logical part (Roman) urges her to do so … her feelings aren’t as clear as it seems. Also, that terror in Kurt’s eyes, with tears contained just thinking that Jane dies or that he should inject the poison to her… he is tearing inside. It‘s very promising!

Do you like these sneak peeks? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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