Week 8 is here and we are almost at the halfway point of the NFL Season. The contenders and pretenders are making themselves more clearer now and it looks to be the same old suspects : Patriots, Chiefs and Rams. Those three teams are looking to be the early favorites to the Super Bowl while teams like the Bills, 49ers and Raiders are struggling to figure out what the hell to do to win a game.

So with a unpredictable NFL season, the writers at Fangirlish once again try to predict the winners and losers of this upcoming week in the NFL. Read and weep (for us).

Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans (Thursday Night)

Charles: HOU 34, MIA 13 – Texans are on a hot streak. The Dolphins are on whatever the opposite of winning is.

Alyssa: HOU 27, MIA 17 – While I’m not entirely sold on the Texans just yet, I am sold on them beating the Dolphins and Brock Osweiler.

Katherine: HOU 23, MIA 20 – Neither of these teams get me particularly excited for a Thursday night game but I hate the dolphins so this one goes for the Texans.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Charles: PHI 20, JAX 17 – Both teams are a mess right now. I’m going to go with the Champs making one last stand in Jacksonville.

Alyssa: JAX 21, PHI 21 – There was a time earlier this season where I was craving this game. Now, neither team is what they were last season. Toss up for me.

Katherine: JAX 28, PHI 27 – The Jags want this one badly, and the Eagles just are not what they were last year.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers

Charles: CAR 24, BAL 20 – Not much I can say about this one but the Panthers seem to be in a groove.

Alyssa: CAR 31, BAL 27 -This will be one of the toughest teams this Ravens defense will face so far this season. But I like Carolina’s offense more here.

Katherine: CAR 31, BAL 20 – I’m giving the edge in this game to Newton and the Panthers, the Raven’s consistency has done nothing to convince me this year.

Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Charles: KC 45, DEN 10 – SIGHHHHHHHHHH. Good Luck Denver.

Alyssa: KC 38, DEN 13 – Pray for Denver, y’all.

Katherine: KC 38, DEN 17 – This one could get ugly really quickly…

Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Charles: CLE 26, PIT 20 – Browns pull off another miracle comeback here.

Alyssa: CLE 24, PIT 23 – The Browns should’ve won the first time they played. Remember, Browns bandwagon until the wheels fall off and it bursts into flames.

Katherine: CLE 23, PIT 23 – I really want this to happen.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions

Charles: SEA 24, DET 13 – You should never trust the Lions to win a game they need. They need this one so they will probably lose.

Alyssa: SEA 28, DET 21 – I have no idea who the Lions are this season. And neither do they.

Katherine: DET 28, SEA 21 – Why not?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Charles: CIN 28, TB 21- Bengals got a ass-kicking last week but they got the Bucs this week so I see them get back to their winning ways.

Alyssa: CIN 27, TB 21 – Sometimes all you need is a good ass whooping to be reminded you’re not as good as you thought you were. But I do think the Bengals are better than the Bucs.

Katherine: CIN 34, TB 28 – The Bengals will out play and outclass the Bucs in this one.

New York Jets vs. Chicago Bears

Charles: CHI 24, NYJ 20 – Closer than it should be but the Bears need to start winning these close games and they start with the Jets.

Alyssa: CHI 31, NYJ 17 – The Bears offense can move the ball and score points. Now, can their defense wake up from hibernation and hold the Jets back? I’m betting (hoping?) yes.

Katherine: CHI 28, NYJ 12 – The Bears will bounce back after a heartbreaking loss to the Pats, and the fellow AFC East team is the unfortunate recipient.

Washington Redskins vs. New York GIants

Charles: WAS 34, NYG 31 – Washington seems to be the best of the NFC East though what that says , I’m not sure.

Alyssa: NYG 24, WAS 21 – Giants win on a game-winning field goal. Hey, you can never predict these division games. Especially when it’s the NFC East.

Katherine: WAS 24, NYG 21 – The Giants will continue to fall short this week.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Oakland Raiders

Charles: IND 20, OAK 20 – Please end in a tie.

Alyssa: OAK 21, IND 21 – I second Charles’ sentiment. Please end in a tie.

Katherine: OAK 27, IND 21 – In reality this game could go either way but I’m giving the edge to the Colts here.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Charles: SF 31, ARI 20 – This game is sure to be something to watch. That’s the nicest thing I can say about these teams.

Alyssa: SF 27, ARI 21 – Who is actually watching this game if you’re not a 49ers or Cards fan? I guess someone’s gotta win.

Katherine: ARI 34, SF 20 – Again, neither of these teams are amazing but lets go with the Cards.

Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Rams

Charles: GB 34, LAR 28- Going with the upset pick ever since I saw Stephen Amell tweet that the Rams were going to win in a blowout.

Alyssa: LAR 34, GB 21 – Pfft, as if I’d pick against the Rams at home. Pfft, as if I’d pick this terrible Packers team to win on the road.

Katherine: GB 38, LAR 31 – They’ve got to lose at some point right? The Packers have to be the Packers at some point right? This is the game where it happens, or at least I hope it does.

New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings

Charles: MIN 34, NO 30 – There’s something about the Saints I just don’t trust. See the Vikings winning a very close game like last year.

Alyssa: NO 31, MIN 27 – There’s something about the Vikings I just don’t trust. There’s no miracle to save the Vikings this time.

Katherine: NO 27, MIN 27 – Maybe?

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills (Monday Night)

Charles: NE 56, BUF 3 – Being generous giving this Bills team a Field Goal.

Alyssa: NE 41, BUF 10 – This is going to be absolutely brutal. RIP Buffalo.

Katherine: NE 37, BUF 13 – Poor, poor Buffalo. The Patriots should have no problem with the Bills on Monday night.

What are your picks for Week 8 in the NFL?


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