‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 15×5 Review: Everyday Angel

On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Teddy makes an appearance and though it’s not for a heart to heart with Owen, she has it with Meredith. Jackson returns from his sudden leave to find himself, and Alex gives me another reason why he’s my favorite.

Teddy’s Come Back

Finally, she makes more of an appearance this time, because there needs to be a conversation around this. That honest conversation with Meredith about her feelings for Owen right now was something she needed. Plus, I like the dynamic these two have, sharing moments like these. Meredith again shows how she has evolved as a person as gives Teddy the advice she had to hear. Teddy’s wanting to raise the baby on her own all the way in Germany won’t only affect Owen, but also the chance of the child to know its father. When Meredith shares her own experience in not receiving that love from her father because her mother hated him too much to even have him around, it means something. What kind of person would Meredith have been if she did get have her father in her life? You can tell this resonates with Teddy.

Teddy still clearly loves Owen, and she admits it. But honestly, seeing Owen and knowing his personality, I don’t think he would only want to claim her just because she’s having his baby. I think as the months go by and they begin to bond well as new parents, etc things will change. Or maybe the feelings will return. Teddy needs to sit down with Owen and talk it through.

Owen and Amelia and their Stakeout

Yes, these two decided to stalk and wait around Betty’s school to make sure she doesn’t skip school or do drugs. Funny, I’ll give them that. Seeing Own and Amelia getting along so well together is nice. But I just can’t see them getting together again. It was, however, brave of her to talk about Christopher like that. It takes a lot of strength to be able to let the pain go and come forth with it. She’s opening up more now and it’s different from how she used to be.

Jackson Returns from the Woods

Oh hey, look, it’s Jackson. Surprise, surprise? Didn’t take him long enough. His leave was so abrupt, and seeing him back again got me like “whoa, that was fast.” But has he gotten his clarity, yet? His big questions answered? He goes up to Maggie like nothing happens, which is a bit irritating. But Maggie stands her ground and allows herself to be annoyed and shows him that she is. Their whole relationship is a bit confusing. But maybe as the episodes keep going I might have to start being OK with it, I guess.


Alex Karev is a True Protector

Throughout this episode, it came off as Alex was jealous that Jo and Link knew each other in the past and picked up from where they left off from their friendship. Clearly, that was not the case. Duh, they’re happily married! But when we learn the real reason why Alex was giving Link some angry attitude, you just love him even more and his reason behind it is so justifiable.

He questioned how Lincoln calls Jo like his sister but wasn’t there to protect her against Paul. It’s so admirable how much he cares for Jo. But Link explains himself saying that he had no idea Paul was being abusive, and that he would have done something to help her if he did. Just like that, Alex is cool with him. Alex is leaning towards a healthier relationship as you can tell, I just honestly love seeing him so happy with Jo.

Other thoughts:

  • Bailey’s true stress is her worry for Ben and his job as a firefighter. She’s done everything she can to eliminate everything else, but it all comes down to her worry for him.
  • Richard is a great teacher. Sometimes he may come off as hard and rude, but he always seems to find the strength in the ones he cares for. He believes DeLuca has what it takes to be an outstanding attending, and the way he treated him was to make him even stronger. It’s admirable.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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