Amazon Sets The Cast For ‘College’

Not that we’re always looking for something else to watch, because you know – our plates are kind of full, but we’re excited when we get something else to watch. Especially something dramatic and angsty.

We love the angst.

Amazon has a show that is coming up that has peaked our interest.

College. That’s the title of the show. It “steps inside the shoes of six roommates as they hook up, mess up and grow up on their own terms.” Now if it’s anything like our experiences, this is primed for drama, chaos, and a lot of broken hearts. Angst.

Give us the angst.

Amazon has cast the six leads in the show, Amy Forsyth (Rise), Jessica Sula (Recovery Road), Max Willems (Let’s Kick It), Zainne Saleh (The Night Shift), X. Lee, Birgundi Baker (The Chi) and Barrett Carnahan (Grown-ish) are set as series regulars and Inanna Sarkis (After) will recur.

And you know we’ll be watching because we’re huge After fans and Inanna Sarkis is in it.

Forsyth is Kaylee, 18, hard, tattooed, and smart – a foster kid that is “most likely to succeed.” She’s blunt, direct, and a strong.

Sula plays Addison, 19, is from London and is studying bio-medical engineering. So you know, she’s a smarty pants who is self confident and who puts the rest of us to shame.

Willems portrays Samson, 19, who is Kaylee’s roommate. He’s confident, self assured, and a drug addict/dealer in recovery. Born and raised in Europe – he’s a second year freshman.

Saleh is Riya, 18, is the daughter of a professor and overly confident and funny. She’s prissy and wants to be a doctor.

Lee plays Teddy, 18, a transgender male. He’s self conscious and sweet and just wants a new start in life.

Baker portrays Maleeka, 18, a homebody, close to her Mom and with school just starting is already ready to go home. She’s sheltered, not confident in her skin.

Carnahan is Logan, 18, used to be overweight and is now finding comfort in their new skin. He’s not as confident as her pretends to be and has a secret crush on Maleeka.

Sarkis is Enaas, 19. She comes from oil money and is a friend of Addison.

The show comes from 6 Balloons filmmaker Marja-Lewis Ryan and producers Channing Tatum and Jill Soloway.

Sounds interesting to us. What about you?

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