‘A Million Little Things’ 1×06 Review: “Unexpected”

A Million Little Things “Unexpected,” the title of the sixth episode of this sensational drama, definitely described every bit of it! So many unexpected things happened and I’m still reeling. A part from the pilot, this was one of the most emotional episodes for me to date. Rome’s breakdown to Regina and Delilah’s unimaginable decision were utterly heart wrenching. But there were also some light and beautiful moments that made you smile and remember that even when things are dark, there is always light to be found, to guide you to the happiness that you deserve.

One thing that was evident in this episode was leaning on each other, even when you don’t want to or think you don’t need to. A support system is everything and you can rest easy knowing that no matter what, they will always be there for you.


I don’t mean in the literal sense of the word, but falling into the arms of those you love the most. Rome did this, FINALLY! My jaw dropped when I realized that what Regina was holding was not all the baby items Rome bought, but his suicide note. But a part of me was so happy she found it and not because I wanted her to hurt. Not because I wanted her to see something like that, something so life changing, but because she finally knew. She truly saw the pain Rome had been in. She got a glimpse at what was going on inside his head and it means everything!

“You are not the best part of my life. You ARE my life and I cannot lose you!” – Regina Howard

That entire scene destroyed me!! It touched me so deeply because I, like so many in this world, have felt that way before. If everything in my life is perfect and I’m supposed to be happy, why don’t I feel that way? Why do I worry about every little thing? Let everything that goes wrong bring me down so far?

It’s taken me a long time to realize that it’s okay. It is okay if I feel this way sometimes. It is okay if I’m hurting when I feel like I shouldn’t be. There is nothing wrong with feeling the way you feel. And I think that Rome is starting to see that. I think him saying the words out loud to Regina was so therapeutic.  Yes, he’s in therapy and he’s taking medication and that’s amazing but he’s finally letting the one person in this world that he holds closest to his heart, to his soul, all the way in. He’s letting her see all the parts of him, even the not so pretty ones and it’s stunning to see.

I cannot wait to see what happens next with these two glorious characters. They are everything!!!


The name 100% fits him!! Not only was Gary everywhere in this episode, but he was someone’s rock. Gary is the best friend anyone could ask for. He is there whenever you need him, rain or shine. He dropped everything to help Delilah. To be there in any way she needed; whether that be a shoulder to cry on or someone to gorge themselves on chicken and waffles with. His friendship with D is very heartwarming to watch. He seems to be that one person she can go to that won’t judge her and will tell her the hard truth and I love that about him.

And as if being an emotional rock for someone wasn’t enough, it seems that Gary is a mind reader. He knew exactly what Eddie needed to get on stage and perform and what Theo needed to help calm him. Seeing Eddie light up at the sight of Theo was amazing and he got that boost of confidence he needed.

Gary always seems to know what people need and I think it’s because he’s so in tune with his friends emotions which is so funny since he seems to be the jokester of the group. But behind that humor lies a vulnerable emotional man who will fight to the end for those he loves and cares about. He’s already proven that with Maggie and now we’re seeing it with everyone else. Gary is the kind of friend I strive to be like and if I can be even an ounce of the friend he is, I’ll consider myself extremely blessed.


(ABC/Jack Rowand)

Up until this point, I’ve been on the fence about Delilah but after this episode, my goodness does my heart break for this woman! That entire scene at the OB was excruciating. Her looking over at the empty chair, the nurse grabbing her hand, her deep breaths. All of it, just so much emotion! I can’t imagine having to make a decision like that. I fully believe in pro-choice because no one should have the right to tell a woman what she should do with her body. While I may never make a decision to do something like that, I fully support any woman in whatever decision she chooses to make because it is her choice.

That being said, I’m very happy Delilah decided not to get the procedure done. Whether the baby was John’s or Eddie’s, I know it was something that she didn’t go into lightly. I think the baby will be healing though. I know it doesn’t seem that way right now, but I think this baby will bring everyone in the group closer. It will mend fences and help heal everyone’s broken heart. But I do 100% agree with Delilah and Eddie keeping it as John’s child. I think too much has happened and too many people have already been hurt and this would just destroy them. I don’t condone lying but I also don’t see the point in hurting people when there isn’t a need.

There are so many people in this family of friends that will love that baby and give it the best life. I’m excited to see where this story goes and to see what happens next. I know Delilah deserves a break so hopefully this new bundle of joy will be that ray of sunshine she’s been so desperately needing.


  • Seriously Ashley, stop being so shady! And I 1000000% think her and John were sleeping together now based on her reaction to Delilah’s pregnancy.
  • Speaking of shady, John! A secret mailbox???
  • Regina’s mom rubbed me the wrong way. Trust your daughter’s judgement, woman!
  • I missed Katherine in this episode.
  • Super Gary! dun-dun-dun-nuh!
  • Was it just me or did Maggie get a little emotional looking at the picture of her and Theo? Maybe she’ll change her mind? *fingers crossed*
  • Ashley…ugh

A Million Little Things airs Wednesday on ABC.



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