‘Blindspot’ 4×05: Promotional Pics & Spoilers

Next week a great episode awaits us, blindspotters! Here are the photos for episode 4×05 entitled “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree” that promises many important changes. Also, we bring your new information about a Jane vs. Remi fight that we are looking forward to seeing. Here we go!


Thanks to TVLine we have really important information that may be related to what we will see in this episode. According to Martin Gero – executive producer of the show, a fight between Jane and Remi is more than a possibility: it’s a reality. On this, he has commented:

“It’s true! Eventually there will be a major showdown between Remi and Jane. How we do that is still kind of a secret, but it’ll happen sooner than you think!”

Really interesting … right?


JANE IS BACK! In these photos we can see Remi with the haircut we always associate with Jane. That can relate to what we just knew: a fight between Jane and Remi is a fact and it will happen sooner than we think. Will it be in this episode? And if so, how will it be?

My bet is that Remi is going to start getting carried away by the life she led as Jane. Now that she is losing Kurt she is going to realize that her feelings towards him, be it Remi or Jane, have not really changed. And maybe Remi also begins to remember her life as Jane and the mixture of all this forces her to cut her hair and identify herself more as Jane than as Remi.

Anyway, this is going to have quite an impact on Jeller. In these pictures, unlike in the previous episode, we see Kurt more receptive to Jane’s touches. Regardless of who initiated the contact, he squeezes her hands in one of the images and in the other Kurt doesn’t seem so distant. Will Remi’s change make Kurt rethink his decisions?

On the other hand, Claudia seems to remain on board the team Madeline and the tandem Patterson-Rich are going to give us their epic scenes.

Are you excited with what awaits us? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 / 7c on NBC.

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