FEELS OF THE WEEK: October 28th – November 3rd

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

Kayla: Jessie Nevin, The Resident. Nic’s little sister, who has been sober for a month now, is kicking ass at handling her addiction. When offered prescription pills, she takes them from her Halloween party date, but does not ingest them. I actually do not know what she did with them, but by the end of the party Jessie ended having to take over as host of the Halloween party when Mina left to help with an emergency surgery and Nic had a panic attack.

Speaking of that, Jessie was there for Nic this week. She was the shoulder Nic needed to lean on during her panic attack. That’s why Jessie makes it to this category this week. She proves she can handle responsibility and her addiction.

Naomi: Iris West-Allen of The Flash. Enduring her daughter’s onslaught of shade like a champ and then saving Nora and Barry from an epic fight, Iris saved the day once again.

Charles: Eleanor Shellstrop of The Good Place. Dealing with a mom who faked her death is hard but Eleanor showed how much she had grown throughout the seasons. It was awesome to see Eleanor forgive her mom for her mistakes and heartbreaking to see that all her pain was from wondering why her mom could never love her like she does her new family.

Mimi: Helen on New Amsterdam. How is she not the chief? I mean I love Max but how? Also how are she and Max not married and having a baby? The universe fucked this up. Helen is a badass because she puts the pieces together like House and she’s 35 and killin it!! Also how is she not dating? Oh I know because her future husband and would be baby daddy is with someone else!! Erica! Can you please jump in here!! I mean I see the chemistry and it is DEEP.

Erica: I’m with Mimi 100%! Helen on New Amsterdam. Helen is an amazing doctor which is why Max fought so hard in the first episode to get her back in the hospital and not making constant TV appearances. Like Mimi said, she is so a female Dr. House (without the drug addiction and mostly negative attitude) but because she is SO SMART!

And Mimi I am so here for Helen and Max as a couple! They have so much chemistry and respect for each other. I literally CANNOT wait for these two to be a couple, they are so clearly soulmates!

OTP of the Week

Lizzie: Look, I could write in Deeks and Kensi from NCIS: LA in this category every week, and I’d never be wrong, because they are just that adorable ALL THE DAMN TIME. This week it was Kensi’s turn to be there for Deeks, and I love how she can do that and kick ass, and he can let her in and let her help him figure out whatever’s going on. True love, I tell you.

Naomi: West-Allen 4 ever of course! With Nora revealing the secret behind her mom loathing, there was the slim chance that Barry might raise an eyebrow at his beloved. But then again, no there wasn’t. He listened sincerely to Nora’s truly painful future tale about having her speed and thus connection to her father taken from her, but ultimately tells her that he knows Iris’ heart and trusts any decisions that she makes for their family. Iris’ relief when Barry chooses to support her  in The Flash was very palpable- the way she sunk right into his arms. My heart….

Mimi: Douglas & Poppy. If you aren’t watching Single Parents, START!!  These two, had me from episode 1. They are cute and have a set of twins and a gay son. I heart them.

Erica: Jonah and Amy, Superstore. I’m a new fan of this show, like I’ve seen some episodes here and there, but in the last three days, I watched it all. I had that terrible moment where you get caught up during a binge and there’s nothing left until the new episode airs in a week. Amy and Jonah have been a will they/won’t they since day one with it being mostly ‘they will’ for this season. Timing has always been an issue because Amy was married in the beginning and once she was ready to give into her feelings, Jonah was dating Kelly (who I absolutely hated so much).

Their relationship really came to a head on the most recent episode though. Amy gave birth to her ex-husband’s baby but Jonah was there with her every step of the way (Adam came in just as the baby was born..I mean come on). But at the end, Jonah left, feeling awkward because he and Amy don’t know where they’re going yet. But I stand by my OTP of the week, these two will find each other in the end and get a happily ever after.

Lyra: Look at you, Barry! I love that he backed his wife up and knew that whatever happened in the future, Iris was doing it out of love. I haven’t even watched last season because Flashpoint made me so angry, and here we have Barry  backing up his queen Iris. THAT’S WHAT GOOD PARTNERS ARE MADE OF! Keep going The CW & The Flash. And please, don’t break my heart when it comes to these two. Begging youuuuu!

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Charles: I’m going to go with Doctor Who when Graham, Ryan and Yaz all agreed to stay aboard the TARDIS with The Doctor. We all know how lonely The Doctor can get and to see her with three new companions/friends was such a heartwarming moment.

Mimi: Grace, on Will and Grace. I had a hard time figuring out where to put Grace, should she be on the badass list or quote list? But really her testimony of sexual assault survival to her clueless dad, left me in a puddle of feels. So many feels for her and what happens when We as women keep secrets of what we have gone through. Grace never even shared her story with Will her BF, she was rapped when she was 15 and stayed silent. Grace is brave, and funny and beautiful and has me in my feels this week.

Erica: John, The Gifted. Thunderbird has been having a rough season holding recent failures on his shoulders but this past episode tore my heart to pieces. When the Purifiers broke into the clinic and John wanted to go out and stop them from hurting the doctor and to help Michael, it ate me up. Then Kate and Michael lied to John that Michael would be ok if they didn’t get another needle to help his lungs but he died because they both knew he wouldn’t make it unless John went out there. The entire Mutant Underground is having a super hard time, but John really broke my heart this week because he’s holding himself so responsible for everything.

Moment That Gave You Hope


Lizzie: Hahaha, this category should be called the one where Lizzie always picks The Good Place. But this show absolutely deserves it. I got feels both from Eleanor’s mom AND Tahani’s sister, and the fact that both of them could turn it around is a reason for hope, it truly is.

Mimi: Early voting and NPR.

Lyra: Dean Winchester admitting that he was having problems but was basically going to get his shit together to help his brother. It’s amazing seeing characters like being self aware of what is going on with themselves and the people around them. It’s what makes winners and what is going to definitely take Michael down, no matter what crazy creature hybrid he’s got up his sleeve! Because Dean is there for Sam. And that’s all that matters.

Quote of the Week


Charles: “Oh my fears are mine again!” – Chidi, The Good Place


“I’m going to make you a Banana!”

“Iris I…”

“I”m going to make you a banana!!”  – Iris and Barry being charming AF on The Flash

Mimi: “We all have different ideas about how to honor the dead. Different ideas of how to grieve. Different ways of moving on. But I do have some experience with losing people I love. And I say the right way to grieve … is to however the hell you want.” – Meredith Grey, Greys Anatomy

Erica: Dean Fulton and Dr. Bloom, New Amsterdam.

Fulton: “Are you sure I’m the right guy to ask?”

Bloom: “Cause I’m five drinks in and you’re my bosses, boss?” advice on love.

Lyra: “Gotta love the Internet. Where everyone can be a dick.” – Dean Winchester, Supernatural

WTF Moment of the Week

Lizzie: I know Charmed thinks I should be happy Mel has a Puerto Rican flag in her room, but three episodes in, Mel is as latina as wonderbread, and representation isn’t about a flag on a wall. If you’re going to write a latinx character, then write one, with all the good and bad that entails. If not, then just make her white and take your flag.

Lyra: Look at the size of that damn flag in Mel’s room. THERE IS NO WAY she wouldn’t be hella Latina on Charmed. She would be talking Spanish, defending her people, and calling her deceased mother as “mami” instead of “mom” of whatever nonsense Charmed writers come up with this. Just…I’m trying to have faith, but as a Puerto Rican, this is some straight up bullshit. There. I said it.

P.S. That A Discovery of Witches season finale. That’s all I can say because it hasn’t premiered in the U.S. yet. But oh is it worth it and has the most amazinggg WTF moments that will keep you coming back for moreeee! P.S.S. Reviews coming and I hope you read them!

Charles: Oliver ended up in a underground prison fight club in the last episode of Arrow….wait a second…Riverdale did the same thing with Archie. MY WTF is just how similar these shows are if you think about it – brooding hero, popular supporting characters, OTP that is very polarizing to people both positively and negatively. Arrow is Riverdale. Riverdale is Arrow.

Mimi: Ummmm guys!!! Delilah is pregnant with Eddie’s baby on A Million Little Things” WTF?!  But they are gonna lie and say it’s John’s because they’ve fucked up so much. How is this gonna work?? Like at all? I mean,  I like them both but really this show reminds me of 30 Something… am I too old? Does anyone else remember that? Ugh, I digress this show has me on the floor week after week.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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