FEELS OF THE WEEK: November 4th – November 10th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Mimi: Betty/Alice Cooper, Riverdale. So I watched this weeks ep of Riverdale, dedicated to the 90’s era when our current teens of Riverdale’s parents first met. I can see why are kids fight with their parents so much, they are so similar. Betty is all Justice League and guns blazing, but that is thanks to her her moms tragic junior year of high school. The episode is told through Alice’s POV but you never feel she’s lying or trying to get Betty to side with her. It was a well done episode giving the audience much needed background on Alice and the various adults of RD. My Badass off the week goes to this mother and daughter trio.

Lariel: Choices feel a little thin for me this week. But I think I have to give it to Esme on The Gifted. We got the very painful back story of the Frost sisters, delivered in pieces, with the very worst saved for the end. Through the episode, Esme kept pushing back against Reeva and her sisters about the best way to get Lorna to agree to their plan. It’s always difficult to defy others, and triply difficult if some of them are in your head all the time. I do wonder whether Esme will finally break from her sisters and the Inner Circle.

Lyra: Maggie from Supernatural. I know she’s small potatoes compared to these other badasses because she’s a side character from the apocalypse world that doesn’t get much screen-time. But it doesn’t take away from her badassery. She went out on her own to hunt because it’s her job, what her family does, and what she trusts. Fuck what Bobby said about her not being ready. Maggie was ready, did things by the book, and survived until the rest of her team came. She was brave and survived the djinn, just like Dean Winchester has done over and over again.

OTP of the Week


Lizzie: Gotta go with Jamie and Claire this week, as Outlander returned to remind us why these two are OTP royalty. There are no big things to mention, other than that steamy love scene that’s their trademark, but I just love the way these two, even twenty four years later, are still partners in everything.

Kayla: Conic, The Resident. Conrad stood by Nic’s side the whole time Jessie, Nic’s sister, was in the hospital recovering from a drug gone bad due a drug trial she was in. He reassured her Jessie was strong and that she would make it – and he was right. He comforted her in the bad and helped her celebrate the good when Jessie survived.

Also, despite her concerns, Nic trusted Conrad’s judgement on the course of treatment despite wondering if it could be the wrong one since Jessie’s friend died from the drug in the episode.

Conic is definitely top OTP material.

Mimi: Gary & Maggie, A Million Little Things. They are meant to be, I hope Maggie doesn’t die of cancer because she’s refusing treatment. But like she’s refusing treatment so.. they are my OTP of the week.

Lyra: I will fight all of youuuuu! The OTP of the week is Richonne from The Walking Dead. No ifs, ands or butts. Even hallucinating, Rick Grimes was thinking about his boo. She brought him comfort in what he thought were his final moments. And for a split second he thought he was safe. One bridge bomb later and we have a Michonne that is desperate and grieving. She must get to Rick and she doesn’t understand that she can’t. *brings out the tissues* It kills me that this might be the last time we see #Richonne for years to come.

Charles: Chidi and Eleanor from The Good Place. I loved seeing the version of those two falling in love with one another with such a adorable first kiss. This show shows how much soulmates do exist and how much Eleanor truly loves Chidi no matter the place and no matter the situation that they are thrown into. As Eleanor says, these two will always find each other.

Lariel: I’m still hooked on Caitlin and Reed on The Gifted. A married couple working through the challenges they face really speaks to me.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Mimi: Maggie, A Million Little Things. I feel some kind of way about her and her situation because YOU KNOW SHE IS REFUSING TREATMENT! I want her to live and I really like her character so I hope she decides to go thru with Chemo and that it’s successful. I was sad and in my feels as she was surveying her body in the mirror while Elton John’s I’m Still Standing, played in the background.

Lyra: Rick Grimes saying that he found his family, right before BLOWING THEM (the walkers, not his family) ALL UP on The Walking Dead! It kind of felt like he found peace and understanding. And that broke me in a way nothing has broke me in a while. Rick Grimes has faith in them, all of them, to survive and thrive while he’s gone. And that little moment, was him saying goodbye. Goodbye to the home he found with his fellow actors. Goodbye to Georgia, you crazy hot state. And goodbye to the years he’s spent as Rick Grimes. Well…at least goodbye, for now!

Charles: Seeing Hershel one last time on The Walking Dead. Yeah it was a hallucination but it was nice seeing Scott Wilson, the actor who played father to Beth and Maggie Greene for a long time on that show. If you didn’t cry seeing him show up there talking to Rick, you are lying.

Moment That Gave You Hope


Lizzie: When Eleanor realized that she was, indeed, the kind of person who could love, on this week’s The Good Place. Our Eleanor has had to re-learn the same lessons she learned in the afterlife in so very little time, and I’m immensely proud of her for getting where she is.

Mimi: Richard, on Greys. He went to a bar to drink his troubles away because he was heartbroken. He lost a patient that day who was also his friend and he was still grieving the loss of Ollie. He could have had like 12 shots of vodka for his AAA chips But he chose to shut the bar down instead. He took a baseball bat to that place and reclaimed his grief and the power it had over him. In the end he called he called Meredith to throw him a life line and bail him out of jail.

Lyra: Supernatural’s Dean Winchester having his brothers back no matter what and making sure his little bro knows how much he thinks Sam’s doing an awesome job. Cuz he is, doing an awesome job with the apocalypse survivors. Sam’s created a community, a small haven for hunters, built by hunters. And damn it, he’s proud of “chief” and everything he’s done to build this lean mean hunter machine!

Quote of the Week


Douglas: Change of plans, I’m now dropping off in order of projected career earnings. Graham, since you’re the only future white male in the car, you’ll be first. I’m sorry everyone else, the world is an unfair place.
Graham: Yes!
Everyone else: Are you kidding me! Stop! Gross!
-Single Parents, ABC

Jason: Dude, we can get mythical animals! Maybe I can get a penguin!
Eleanor: Penguins are real.
Jason: That’s the spirit Eleanor. They’re real to me too.
– Jason Mendoza and Eleanor Shellstrop, Good Place

Charles :
The Doctor (When asked if she is a doctor of medicine) : “Well, medicine, science, engineering, candy floss, LEGO, philosophy, music, problems, people, hope. Mostly hope.” – Doctor Who

WTF Moment of the Week


Lizzie: Hello Charmed, it’s me, Lizzie. I’d really like to stop putting you in this category, but it won’t be possible if you give me Puerto Rican Flags and a freaking spell in Spanish as if that would appease me. Also, some more Spanish practice is needed, because no one will believe those fake Latinas you hired are actually real Latinas with that pronunciation.

Kayla: Devon cheating on Priya by kissing Julian two weeks before his wedding on The Resident! Seriously! Devon, you’re better than this!! Even if you thought Julian’s life was at risk – you don’t kiss her! It’s not like I didn’t see it coming – I did – but I seriously hoped this show wasn’t going there.

It will take a lot for Devon to come out of my dog house – but the real questions remain. Will Devon come clean to Priya? Will it be brought back up between him and Julian? Will Devon and Priya be able to put it aside in time to for their wedding? I honestly doubt it. We will have to see. There’s a reason a whole section in my review this week was devoted to this plot was titled, “WTF Was Devon Thinking?”

Mimi: AHS- Apocalypse. WTF?? Okay they are killing me on so many levels. Mallory goes back in time to save Czarina Anastasia because she was a witch. Ok then like, um Misty Day is on tour with Stevie Nicks and can’t be bothered to check in on her coven.  Bitch are you for real? Then, Dinah sells out her coven for 13 eps of her own talk show!! Bitch Bye! Then, Cordelia(the supreme) has to DIE in order to save the world and the Coven! Seriously a big WTF??!!

Lyra: Amaya returning to Legends of Tomorrow! Look, if Harrison Wells can return to The Flash and Captain Cold, then Amaya (or a form of her) can come back too! I miss Maisie Richardson-Sellers and can’t wait to see what kind of fun she’ll have with this new role.

P.S. Charmed, if you want to stay off my shit list then maybe you should stop acting fake woke. We all know you don’t give a shit about representation and throwing one little spell at me in Spanish isn’t going to appease me or the people you’ve disappointed. Side note: I want to cheer for you but you’re making it hella hard week after week!

Charles : The last flash-forward scene on Arrow. Felicity Smoak is dead in the future? Yeah right and pigs can fly. This is most likely a way to have her fake her death to have William come back to Star City but don’t try to get the audience to believe this for one second. We are smarter than this.

Lariel: Also going with Legends of Tomorrow, but it’s the good kind of WTF that makes you laugh. Ray and his Mohawk Corgi tattoo! It’s absolutely ridiculous in the best way. But even better was a real Corgi in a Mohawk!

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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