‘Manifest’ 1×07 Review: S.N.A.F.U.

Things slowed down a little bit after last week’s intense episode, but that doesn’t mean the drama wasn’t present. The focus was back on the characters  with the big mystery taking a backseat, but still present as a driving force. Tensions are starting to rise in certain relationships, and I’m wondering how long it’ll take before people snap. It seems like a foregone conclusion at this point, after all.

Let me break down this episode for you…

The Missing Passengers

Cal can still feel his connection to Marko, but he gets to leave the hospital since no one other then Ben, Michaela, and Saanvi know about the truth behind his illness. I was hoping for a little bit more on what makes Marko and Cal connected at all (other then the touch of the head from back on the plane, which we already knew). My Manifesters did pursue the mystery further through some risky methods, but they hit a dead end with a fellow passenger. I think Fiona Clarke knows more then she’s saying, because she is tied directly to the company that links up with all the info Michaela and Ben can find on the eleven missing passengers.

That’ll come up later, I think.

The Callings Aren’t Always What You Think

I’m so glad Michaela fessed up to Jared last week, because having them work together with full transparency is excellent. They had a great dynamic before (Y’all know I ship them, and I will go down with this ship) but it’s even better now. ‘S.N.A.F.U.’ led us to believe the heartbeat Michaela was hearing was about locking up a criminal, but it was actually about finding the young man who had Evie’s heart. Evie was an organ donor, so when she was killed in the accident she was in with Michaela, she saved many lives.  Now, Michaela was finally able to get closer and help Evie’s ailing Mother, all thanks to her abilities. I ugly cried when Michaela realized what the calling was truly about. That’s the thing about hearing voices, it’s not as easy to figure out what message they’re truly trying to send – but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to follow them, right?

Danny And Olive

So, Manifest had me super Team Ben at the show’s beginning, but then they introduced me to Danny, and things got hard to distinguish. Olive’s relationship with Danny is so special. She was willing to learn something she didn’t even like to be able to spend time with him. Grace is letting Danny continue to see Olive, which Ben acts okay with, but I’m not so sure he doesn’t mind. It’s human nature, after all, and for him, time hasn’t passed, not really. I want everyone to get a happy ending, but that’s legit not possible for everyone on this show. I’m not even sure Olive and Danny’s relationship is healthy for either of them, but I hope Ben doesn’t ruin it. Unless we find out Danny is some evil, big, bad behind the scenes, which I don’t think so right now. But until then, he’s okay in my book, and I kind of want him and Grace to stay together.

Favorite Scene

I think the highlight of this episode came when Ben was beginning to doubt the callings and all the mystery that goes along with him and the other passengers. Ben has been in pretty hardcore from the beginning, but his faith wavered because the leap was becoming more challenging for him. This is understandable. He is a math man, so things like this are hard to get a hold of. Michaela shares what she learned about Evie and her heart, telling Ben that it was her sign that things were supposed to be like this, and the callings means something, even if they can’t figure it all out yet. At first, Ben is still not sure because he doesn’t have a sign. However, Cal actually drew the young boy with Evie’s heart days earlier, and it was right there on the fridge.

Talk about signs.

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