Feels of the Week: November 11th – 17th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lizzie: Janet, The Good Place. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT? When did Janet turn into The Bride, from Kill Bill, and all with a smile on her face? I still can’t get over how she kicked all that demon ass! Go Janet, Go Janet!

Lariel: Only choice for me is Iris West-Allen, The Flash. SHE DOVE OFF A FRICKIN’ BUILDING TO SAVE BARRY! ‘Nuff said.

Janelle: I don’t want to just copy Lizzie all the time, but seriously, damn Janet! Technically, Janet is not a woman, so I’m going to pick her and a “real” woman

Mimi: Cordelia, AHS. The supreme shut shit down this week. She saved a voodoo queen from the underworld, put her plan into action with Mallory, saved the world, kinda, and was not afraid to die unlike her very wicked mother. She proved she’s a badass and she’s selfless and she kicked Satan’s ass!

Erica: Cecile Horton, The Flash. I wanted to put Iris down because she did jump from a building, but Cecile did some pretty badass work this week too. I’m so happy she’s still in the storyline even during Jesse L. Martin’s medical leave. Cecile was able to break through Nora’s walls to show her the real Iris and to give Nora the ability to respect Iris, or at least try. I absolutely loved watching her pretend the stories were about Barry before the shoe dropped and it was really Iris centric stories, but it did the job and that’s what mattered.

OTP of the Week


Kayla: Kevin And Zoe, This Is Us. I seriously had the feels for them when I watched this week’s episode. Them being on a journey together to find out Jack’s journey while in Vietnam opened them up to each other.

The ultimate moment is when Zoe got sick and Kevin stepped in to play nurse. In the midst of it, they both revealed they were falling for the other.

Every time I watch This Is Us, and Kevin and Zoe are on screen, I just can’t seem to get enough.

Lariel: WestAllen, The Flash. Not just because Iris DOVE OFF A FRICKIN’ BUILDING TO SAVE BARRY (!!!) but because of everything that came before that climactic moment. Iris had been doubting herself because of Nora’s coldness. Barry was supportive and reassuring and comforting; all the things you want from your life partner. And that lovely dance at the gala! It didn’t last long, but it was perfect.

While I have the floor, though – honorable mention to (many people won’t believe I’m saying this) AvaLance. I have been a doubter of that ship because of its poor, rushed development in S3 of Legends of Tomorrow. This season, the writers have been working to do what they should have done last season – make Ava someone we want to root for. Someone who really IS worthy of Sara, finally. AvaLance is never going to be a top Legends ship for me; those honors go to ColdRay and CaptainCanary. But I truly appreciate that the writers are trying to make this about more than just “two hot women.” They are creating something that is believable.

Janelle: I honestly could not be more in love with Coop and Patience on All American. Coop is a character who is wisely getting a spotlight on the show, even though she is in a “sidekick” roll and could easily have been given slim screen time. Instead, we are getting to experience her first out relationship with the sultry and emotionally intelligent Patience. The tender way Coop moves Patience’s hair across her shoulder as she asks Patience to help her shed her shame brought me to tears. It is also very noteworthy that a masculine-expressing gay black woman is getting a nuanced and compelling love story. Coop and Patience might be my OTP of the month!

Mimi: I know OTP are usually two people meant for each other. But what if it’s a group of people? For me the OTP of the week goes to Riverdale’s teens. They banded together to save Archie from a juvenile jail fight club, put Veronica’s dad in his place, are figuring out that the deathly game their parents played as teens is coming back to haunt them. I really like them, all of them. True friends will break you out of jail and hide your ass in a secret bunker when the corrupt police are after you; and true OTP’s vow to take that secret to the grave.

Lyra: Avalance on Legends of Tomorrow has been killing it this season! We’re seeing small moments of them just living their life together. And in this episode we saw them take on a big bad, side by side. Ava was totally out of her comfort zone, and it means so much that Sara was patient, kind, and engaging. That’s what someone who genuinely loves and cares for you, would do. As for that end scene with the glowing sparkles and a kiss. That was THE GAYEST SHIT I’VE EVER SEEN AND I LOVE IT! Things would’ve been so different if I had seen something like this when I was younger and I’m so grateful to LOT for what they’re giving this generation. Yes, some of the things that they’re giving is a healthy fear of gorillas and guitars with weird stones on them. But they’re also learning acceptance, love, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a man or a woman.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Lizzie: Pretty much the last twenty minutes of that episode of Outlander. It was absolutely brutal, and hard to watch, and it wasn’t even a real taste of what slavery was like. I feel humbled by just the reminder.

Kayla: Jack Pearson crying on This Is Us. Since when does Jack cry? The answer is almost never, and seeing it brings me so many feels that I just had to put this in this category. Even more so, is that it was Rebecca singing that brought him to tears.

Charles: When Barry and Iris got their first real dance as a couple on The Flash. It was so beautiful and I loved that it was just them without anybody else around.

Lariel: Iris and Nora finally, finally connecting on The Flash. I wish it hadn’t taken IRIS DIVING OFF A FRICKIN’ BUILDING TO SAVE BARRY to do it (yeah, that honestly was HUGE for me), but this is TV – the medium of big gestures.

Erica: The dream sequence, The Last Ship. Watching Nathan James go down was hard and I definitely shed some tears, but Tom’s near death dream broke me. Seeing all those faces of the characters I’ve lost over the years really brought on the feels and the puddle. Tex was the one who really got me, though. They ended the show perfectly even if it did cause a lot of tears.

Moment That Gave You Hope


Lariel: Agents of SHIELD renewed for Season 7! Even before Season 6 airs!

Kayla: I echo Lariel! I was very happy to see that news, especially since we waited so long for season 6 renewal news!

Mimi: Greys Anatomy. FINALLY!! Teddy told Owen she was pregnant with his child. They were operating on a man who was impaled with a lawn ornament and she blurted it out. All I could feel was relief for her and it gave me hope this storyline could resolve itself and come to a close.

Lyra: The entire first episode after Rick Grimes departure. I was so scared and out of my mind with worry for what was to happen now that THE key player of The Walking Dead was gone. Surprisingly, the jump forward allowed this show to remain fresh, work past some of the grief of Rick’s “passing,” while making us wonder how the hell they survived his “death” in the first place. Basically, I’m intrigued AF about what kind of leader Michonne is and how the rest of the gang has grown.


Quote of the Week


Charles: “Are you asking me out on a friend’s date?” – Felicity to Black Siren who was asking her out on a friend’s date on Arrow.

Lariel: “I want to go back in the coma!” – The response from Brooke Shields’ character on Murphy Brown when she learns Donald Trump became president while she was unconscious for a decade. Can you make some room for the rest of us, Brooke?

Mimi: “I’d recognize those abs anywhere!” -Veronica, Riverdale

Lyra: “Old man, my ass.” – Dean Winchester, Supernatural. (Don’t worry, Dean. You are a princess and PLENTY YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL!)

WTF Moment of the Week


Lizzie: That …thing, the one that happened at the end of the episode of The Gifted. Look, I knew there was going to have to be something big to shake things up, and I know Rebecca wasn’t completely, you know, well, but that was the definition of WTF, did that really just happen?

Charles: The ending to the season finale of YOU. Seeing Joe’s long-thought dead ex-girlfriend Candace show up was a shocker. I mean, the whole series was nothing but shocks and surprises from start to finish but this was just the final piece to a very creepy but very good season 1.

Lariel: Scripted television has to do a LOT to overcome the daily WTF from the White House. The latest example: Trump’s insistence the press corps must show “respect.” Above and beyond the “pot, kettle” aspect of this… the job of an effective White House press corps is to question the president and his staff, not to merely regurgitate all of their “alternative facts.” Trump should consider the words of his predecessor Harry Truman: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Mimi: Once again my WTF moment goes to AHS. Did the entire season just happen? Or did everything the coven did to stop the end of the world end up being for nothing bc it was gonna happen anyway. Ugh!! WTF?! Mallory killed the antichrist only to see him reborn again with another couple. Damn you Ryan Murphy! And a big WTF!

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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