5 WTF Moments from ‘All American’s “California Love”

All American’s “California Love” was all about the drama, drama, dramaaaaaaa. From Asher to Spencer and Leila, everyone’s part of the drama right in time for the Homecoming dance. Even Coach Billy and Spencer’s mom had a moment before wifey Laura came around. All of it is ridiculous, entertaining, and one of the reasons we watch All American.

So without further ado, here are 5 WTF moments from All American’s “California Love”:

1. Olivia and Leila Have a Falling Out…AGAIN!

Honestly, it’s kind of boring throwing a man into the middle of a relationship and making it so it destroys the relationship. But here we are and there’s nothing we can do but keep on watching and hope for the best. The question is, what is the best? Both of these young women have done wrong to each other. Yes, some wounds are still fresh and they were finding their way back to each other, but they both did wrong and they have to decide what to do with that and where they go from here. Personally, I think they should forget Spencer and be BFF’s, conquering the world one school at a time. But this is The CW and they’re in high school. Drama be coming for them all!

2. Billy + Grace + Locked Office = TENSION

Billy and Grace ended up having a heart to heart where old grievances and woes were brought up left and right. I mean, what better place to hash things out when you’ve got a past, a kid that could possibly be Billy’s no matter how they try to “debunk” it, and a wife aka Laura that lets you out. IT’S PERFECT, and cheesy, and all sorts of a hot mess. Their conversation isn’t going to clear things up like they or the viewer hopes. It’s just going to make things even more complicated! But when isn’t this show?

3. Ashler Letting It All Out!

Look, who didn’t see this coming? I know I did. Asher has been having personal and school troubles way before Spencer came around. And all that Spencers appearance and the subsequent attraction/cheating with Leila did was help him spiral out of control in a tirade no one’s going to forget. Personally, I like that Asher laid it all out. Will it cause more drama? Of course. But will it clear the house of all these little secrets people are keeping from each other? Yes it will.

P.S. I know he got suspended for it all but come on. THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN!

4. The Fact That Jordan Doesn’t Realize Ripley is Trouble

I think Jordan needs some neon signs and a helicopter flying over his head with a banner that reads, “It’s a trap!” How can he not see that sleeping with the enemy is going to lead to some  drama? And I’m not talking about the Shakespearean kind of drama where they come from two different ways of life. That’s for Spencer and Leila. I’m talking about the kind of drama that will ruin your career, your relationship with your family, and you’re own damn body with all the sex and drugs.

P.S. Can we stop using women like this? Honeypots to derail the man, without opening the woman up to some character development, is lazy AF and overdone.

5. Leila Breaking Up with Asher and Then Dancing with Spencer

Leila did Asher dirty in “California Love.” Yes, Asher is the asshole of this show. And yes, he deserves some of the shit coming to  him. But Leila did him dirty by breaking up with him and then going to dance with Spencer. And not just at the end of the night in a little corner because common decency and respect of just breaking up with someone. She proceeded to dance in front of him like nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong, proud of Leila for making a decision. But damn girl. Damn.

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of All American titled “Homecoming”:

All American mid-season finale airs next Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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