10 Ships Ready to Set Sail in 2019

A unspoken truth about being a fan is that we all have couples we root for to get together on TV shows. No matter what genre it is – from sci-fi to drama to comedy to everything in-between – there’s always a ship that you find and you like. Because without romance, stories would get really boring really fast.

2018 had new ships blossom in tv from young love such as Brianna and Roger on Outlander to the classic “Enemies to friends to lovers” trope in such shows as Legends of Tomorrow with AvaLance. As we enter 2019, quite a few shows will be returning from long hiatuses. Of course on a few of these shows we have some ships that feel ripe to set sail and become official pairings. A few have been a LONG LONG time in the making while some have just popped out of nowhere but we love them just the same.

Now let us list the 10 ships that we think are ready to become couples in 2019:

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Chloe and Lucifer – LUCIFER

If there is one ship we have been begging to happen for years it is this one. (Well and one more that will be mentioned in a minute). Lucifer and Chloe have gone through every obstacle that has been thrown in their path and now are set to get together finally. Mutual respect for each other? Check. Chloe finally finding out Lucifer’s a demon? Check. Deckerstar fans have paid their dues and with Lucifer getting a miracle 4th season thanks to Netflix, now is the time to get The Detective and her favorite demon as a full-fledged couple.


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Bellamy and Clarke – THE 100

Speaking of couples long overdue….Bellamy and Clarke have been the heart and soul of The 100 for over 5 years and it still boggles the mind how these two are not together on there. Everyone knows the love they have for one another…the sacrifices they have made for one another…and still the show has refused to have them be the power couple we know they are officially on there. This season must have Bellamy and Clarke’s ship fly and fly strong. There is no valid reason whatsoever to put this off anymore.

Ben and Saanvi – MANIFEST

Yes, we know Ben is a married man. But that marriage is on its very last legs and Grace seems to yell at Ben as much as she says she loves him. Now we’ve seen Ben with Saanvi and it’s been charming to say the least. This one might be a very slow burn but we just want to see both of these characters happy and the happiest we see these two is when they are around each other.

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If there was a most adorable ship of 2019 , this would be it. Ray Palmer (puppy in human form) and Nora Darhk (mean kitten in human form) seem like a perfect match for each other. They have lots of chemistry (which you would hope, since the actors are married in real life!) , fit perfectly into the ”opposites attract” trope and they are just two good-looking human beings. Also the double dates with Sara and Ava would be a ton of fun.

Maze and Dr. Linda – LUCIFER

Now you could say I’m cheating by having two ships from the same show but what the point of having our own list without breaking the rules just a little bit? And no pairing would be a big fan of breaking the rules than Maze and Dr. Linda. (Well Maze would at least) Seeing these two driven ladies as a power couple would be such a fantastic addition to a already fantastic show.

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Frank and Karen – THE PUNISHER

It’s cold hard facts time. This upcoming season of The Punisher is most likely its last. So what a way to let it go out by having Frank get together with the only person he has truly connected with in Karen Page. It would be nice to let both of them be happy for a moment in a universe that doesn’t have very many happy moments in it. As for those who say they don’t have chemistry or they are just friends…..well I sure as heck don’t look at my friends like I want to have a passionate make-out session with them like these two do whenever they see each other.

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Jaime and Brienne – GAME OF THRONES

As Game of Thrones is coming to a end in 2019, one thing we would love to see is a satisfying ending for Jaime and Brienne. These two have been through the wringer and they still have a strong connection even with the little bit of the scenes we’ve gotten with them together. If Brienne has to be with someone, let it be Jaime not Tormund. Someone who cares about her instead of looks at her like a piece of meat.

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Dick and Kory – TITANS

Now we know that Dick and Kory (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen Season 1 of Titans , which you should) have had sex on the show already, but we want them to become a full-fledged couple like they were for so long in the comics. Now not every comic book show has to adhere to canon but as Titans has shown us – Dick and Kory have some really good chemistry with one another. In the soft moments and in the very sexy moments like the above gif. Don’t let this linger.  Strike while the iron is hot with this pairing, Titans writers.

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Kara and Lena – SUPERGIRL

Yes, Kara has only had a few boyfriends on the show but the person she continues to have the most chemistry with is one Lena Luthor. Besides the sexiness of the pairing, there is so much story that could come from these two becoming a couple. A Luthor and a member of the House of El in a relationship?? That could be a season’s worth of stories right there. Also with no love interests for either at the moment, now would be a good chance to give a Supercorp pairing a try on the show.

Honorable mention to the Brainy/Nia Nal ship on Supergirl as well. Seeing them slowly grow from friends to lovers is exactly the type of story other shows should do.

DEADLY CLASS — “Noise, Noise, Noise” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Lana Condor as Saya, Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Saya and Marcus – DEADLY CLASS

Now it’s hard to say a lot about this pairing without revealing a lot but the pilot episode of Deadly Class is out now on YouTube. Though the episode leans you to one ship , this is the one we were more interested in. Saya and Marcus have that chemistry that the best ships are made of. (Sorry that I can’t say anymore about them but SPOILERS darling) Also a truth of Fangirlish is if Lana Condor is involved in anything, we are very interested.

Agree? Disagree? Which ships do you think should set sail in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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