10 TV Moments That Broke Our Hearts in 2018

2018 is solidly in the rearview mirror. Honestly, hallelujah!

Now, from the safety of 2019, we can look back at those TV moments from 2018 that grabbed hold of our feels and cruelly twisted them until they bled.

Beware of serious spoilers as we take you on this weeping journey through 10 TV Moments That Broke Our Hearts in 2018.

1. Last Minute of On My Block

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Ruby is the beautiful, sincere, type-A, and passionate underdog of the core friend group on On My Block. His charm makes each episode sparkle. It is because our hearts are thus tenderized that Ruby’s selfless and futile attempt to protect Olivia and Cesar is unthinkably painful.

We know that the neighborhood Monse, Jamal, Cesar, Olivia, and Ruby are growing up in is dangerous. On My Block begins with the crew making a game of guessing the gun and bullet type of shots heard.

But Ruby just got a kiss from his crush Olivia. Life was, finally, momentarily, fair.

The reality of gross injustice inherent in a violence-soaked environment doesn’t care that Ruby is endlessly cute, it rains down on him nonetheless.

We will never be over Ruby lying in a pool of blood. Even if he survives for Season 2, the pain will remain. The pure at heart pay the price and it breaks our hearts in 2018.

2. Monty and Harper Make A Sacrifice on The 100

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Through all of the carnage and depravity on The 100 Season 5, Monty remained a believer in the worthiness of humanity. Along with Harper, Monty moved past his incredible grief to Make Algae Not War.

In the end, it had to be Marper who saved everyone on their path to a new world. They have a different set of values and priorities that the other warriors on The 100. They are willing to sacrifice surviving with everyone if it means a life with each other that ensures the survival of humanity.

Still, we weep at the gorgeous life they lived.  We rejoice in the future their deaths provide to the whole sleeping ship. And we are glad for all the moments with Harper and Monty in 2018.

3. Wyatt Tells Lucy About Jessica’s Return on Timeless


On Timeless Season 2 Wyatt gets what he was trying to get all Season 1: Jessica back from the dead.

Unfortunately for Lucy, Lucy fans (meaning, everyone who watches), and Lyatt shippers, Wyatt is the type of person to honor his initial quest and his marriage, and he goes back to Jessica as if she had never died (well not really because he’s still clearly in love with Lucy, but he does his best to do right by Jessica too because time travel isn’t her fault. Sigh. It’s complicated).

Lucy and Wyatt’s one night together in “Hollywoodland” solidifies not only that they are both into each other, but also that they want to be together. The DTR (Define The Relationship) talk comes about right quick.

Just as quickly it comes crashing down. The specific moment that shatters our hearts is when we see Lucy on the phone with Wyatt, getting the bad news. Her voice remains calm and understanding. SHe tells Wyatt to go be with Jessica and that she understands what he has to do.

But, what we see is Lucy in pain. She slowly lays down on the bench while she is talking to Wyatt, unable to gather the strength to remain upright. She is destroyed and so are we.

Unlike us viewers, Lucy puts on a strong front and continues on into the best future she can muster. We’re stuck in our puddle of frustrated tears.

4. June sees Hannah on The Handmaid’s Tale

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Gilead is an oppressive misogynistic theocracy that frequently looks far too much like real life in the United States. Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale broke us over and over again.

The standout soul-crusher is when June is given the opportunity to see Hannah. At first, Hannah is scared of June and rejects her love and comfort. This estranged embrace first aired on television right in the midst of the U.S. practice of taking children from their mothers, placing them in camps, and secretly adopting them out.

It would have been painful to watch in any instance. With the added realism the scene is nearly unbearable.

June manages to keep it together as she tells Hannah how to survive. Submit, she says. Don’t make waves, she advises. We cover our faces and shake our heads, knowing that we too have quietly accepted subjugation in order to live.

It’s all too much, as is the heartbreak we felt in 2018.

5. Fitz Dies on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Photo: Kelsey McNeal (ABC)

Fitz is not dead-dead. We know that the team can find a version of him that still exists and re-enter him into the time loop that our beloved Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D characters exist.

We KNOW that, and yet the camera panning to Fitz’s pierced stomach ruins us in a way that no time travel tricks are going to fix.

For one, we have to see Simmons’ reaction to the news that Fitz is dead. That image is burned in our shipper minds forever.

Second, even with the other Fitz saved and back in the timeline, all of the precious memories from the wedding and huge chunks of the Fitzsimmons romance is lost. Only Simmons will carry those precious memories with her.

Fitz’s death pulverizes our hearts in 2018.

6. Charles Rejects Liza on Younger

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Liza’s lie is finally revealed to her main love interest or, one of her main love interests) on Younger Season 5. Charles learns via serial harasser L.L. Moore that Liza is in her forties, not her twenties.

When the pair finally has their sidewalk confrontation it is brutal. Charles lays into Liza’s character, denying that he even knows who she is. Charles has lost trust, and for a man who just had his wife suddenly leaves him and then write a book about it, trust is important.

But, that doesn’t make his harsh rejection of Liza any less painful. He denies her a chance to explain and instead boldly asserts that she is not the type of person he wants to be around.

Through. The. Heart.

Younger Season 5 brings the couple back together and wounds are healed, but we will never forget this sting from 2018.

7. Lucas Boone Realizes What He’s Done on Impulse

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Lucas Boone is a loyal son to a pair of negligent, narcissistic, and violent parents. He is pretty much the last person you expect to shine with integrity on the thrilling teleportation drama Impulse.

And he doesn’t in the beginning. But, when Lucas has the opportunity to know the truth about what happened between Clay and Henry, he believes her.

Believing her comes at a huge cost for Lucas personally. He accepts that Henry supernaturally crushed the car, rendering Clay paraplegic. By doing so, he also accepts that he murdered an innocent boy.

Lucas’ story on Impulse almost gingerly cracks our hearts open and pours out sorrow. He quietly shows us how hard it is to fight against the power structures in your family and community. He is Juliette, responsible for a death, but also absolved because it was ignorance, not malice that caused it.

It is a tragic tale of woe in 2018, and we can’t wait to see how Lucas develops on Season 2.

8. Tyler’s Rape on 13 Reasons Why

Source: Netflix

The Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why tackles sexual assault, drug use, and suicide in a controversially blatant manner. On Season 2, we see class outcast and whistleblower Tyler brutally raped with a broomstick by Montgomery.

The rape is not necessarily more graphic than the others shown on the series. The impact, though, is more raw and deep as it calls viewers to watch something that toxic masculinity tells us is the greatest possible shame for a man to face.

The heartbreak of Tyler’s assault lies in the fact that this type of violence happens, and not infrequently. And yet, we never see it on screen. It is still in the shadows, not to be talked about and certainly not to be shown in the context of two straight teen boys in a high school bathroom.

We mourn for Tyler because of what has happened to him and how it happened. And we mourn for our world too, where women being raped is nearly expected, and men being raped is still too shameful to face.

The line leading from his victimization to Tyler’s decision to shoot up the school is another harrowing part of this heartbreaking TV moment.

9. Rachel Confronts Her Demons on UnReal

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On UnReal Season 3 Rachel begins the hard work of facing her demons. That’s not so hard for a strong and bold woman like Rachel.

What becomes endlessly difficult and breaks our hearts, in reality, and unreality is Rachel’s realization that her demons include her own father, who knew about Rachel’s rape the whole time.

Rachel’s dad is never really the villain. In some ways, that makes the whole thing even more devastating. Rachel needlessly faced her childhood trauma alone, silently. All the while, her father could have reached out, but he too was under the thumb and medicated control of Rachel’s mom.

It’s a total mess. Rachel truly tries to get better and find a healthy life for herself. She fails and it breaks our hearts in 2018.

10. Lydia Chooses Life on One Day at a Time

One Day At A Time – Netflix

The flamboyant matriarch of the Alvarez family is often the comic relief on One Day At A Time Season 2. Her zingers and old-school beliefs bring about heartfelt laughs.

On Season 2’s final episode “Not Yet,” the family, including adopted son Schneider, come to Lydia’s bedside, not knowing if she’ll wake up from her coma.

The vignettes are each beautiful and heartwrenching as we learn how much Lydia means to each and every member of the family. Lydia has saved them, so many times, and brought joy at each step, no matter how treacherous.

The family is not ready to say goodbye, and neither are we. As the title suggests, Lydia isn’t going anywhere, not yet. The tender stamp the episode makes on our hearts is what we needed in 2018, even when it hurt.

What moments crushed your beating heart in 2018? Grab some tissues and join us in the comments.

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