‘Grown-ish’ 2×01/2×02 Review: “Better/Nothing Was The Same”

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you Freeform for blessing us with a season 2 of Grownish just in time for those midwinter blues. It came complete with A Different World intro homage! I’m here for it! That was my show back in the day.

Who remembers their sophomore year of college? Yeah, I mean it’s a bit of blur for me too, but Zoey and her girls are pumped that they are no longer freshman and they feel ready to find their footing and move into an expensive campus apartment together. Side note, someone might have been murdered there…

Meanwhile Zoey is having boyfriend probs with Luca, can’t say I didn’t tell you Zoey! I mean Luca is cute and all but really? Homeboy wears kilts and Chaco’s, so I thought she might choose differently? Possibly Aaron?

I digress. Meanwhile Nomi is still pill popping as is Zoey, and Ana is having none of it. I kinda felt like my sophomore year I had a handle on things, knew the lay of the land and I also moved off campus, so this season is gonna be good for my nostalgic vibes or really make me feel like I missed out? Either way I love Zoey and her friends so I’m here for all of it.

Poor Zoey, its hard to be pretty and have so many guys to choose from. Your weave looks good tho girl! And damn your apartment is EVERYTHING too! Sequels are the best am I right?? Like sequels are second chances to get things right, or to make things better than they already were. Zoey thinks that her 3 months apart from Luca this summer (he was in France) will be her sequel, a chance to do it bigger and better. But such high expectations don’t always end well. Don’t put the cart before the horse girl!

As always Zoey’s friends are there for her, to give her advice and to keep it fucking 100% REAL. #Parisweedistrash #smotherhisdrowsyass #lifeisnotamovie #zpack #notperfect #cheers #cuddles #40hrsofFIFA

Okay I’m not gonna lie the Sophomore slump can be real tho. It’s hard to try and top greatness, so much pressure and if you’re not careful you can fail, not only on television but In relationships as well. It’s hard to keep it fresh and new and sexy All Of the time All Day! It’s HARD yo! It takes energy and substance and regular sex. We can’t all be Kim K. #goals #fakeIGlife



I really wanted Zoey to breakup with Luca and learn to be on her own this year. But growth is hard ya’ll. I mean is Zoey so wrong for wanting a solid relationship with Luca? For wanting 3k likes on IG? I mean she is a Millennial, so what she’s addicted to social media and status? So are the rest of us, if we’re honest. #snapchat

At the end of the day we’re all scared. Scared of being ourselves, scared of being hurt, rejected, dismissed, misunderstood. But when you find someone who gets you, who really gets you, YOU have to be willing to jump off that cliff with them and trust that you will fly or at least crash softly into the ocean below. It depends you know?

The episode ended on a high note, Zoey and Luca found some common ground and were ready to put aside their differences in relationship status and move forward more older and wiser than last year.

I don’t know about you all but I’m excited for this season, the soundtrack is always on point, and you can download that on Spotify under Grownish. Let me know what you thought about the premiere down below or hit me up on twitter.  #happyblackpeople #relationshipgoals

Grownish airs Wednesday’s at 7c/8 EST on Freeform.

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