‘Manifest’ 1×10 Review: ‘Crosswinds’

When we left off, Grace kicked Ben out of their house, and Jared almost died. But they found the missing passengers and saved them. “Crosswinds” takes place ten days after the end of episode nine, and Manifest turned up the heat. I thought things were intense before the break, but I was so so wrong.


Going ten days without a calling gave Michaela the false hope that maybe saving the passengers, and blowing up the creepy lab, was the end to all of this mystery involving Flight 828. She was wrong. I’ve been rooting for her and Jared to get back together since episode one and I finally got what I wanted. Now, she tried to push him away after finding out a fellow passenger was actually an abusive husband, making her think she’s simply a ticking time bomb.

Jared pushed past her insecurities so they could hook up. Their reunion melted my heart. He told Michaela that she is his soulmate, and always was, and the reason he didn’t show up the day the flight returned was because he would never go home to his wife. Oh yeah, his wife. Not sure where that’s going to go, but I’m still rooting for Jared and Michaela. In that last moments of the episode, Cal has a vision mirroring Michaela’s and it turns out she’s the one being hunted!


So Ben is staying with Michaela now, going crazy trying to figure out what the big mystery is behind their flight and lives since coming home. He gets a lifeline in the form of a podcaster who leads him to someone called the Major and a Holy Grail. On the detective front, things for Ben are going pretty well, dangerous, but good. However, at home, things are not smooth at all and it’s really all up in the air right now.

Cal wants his Dad to come home, but Grace is…well, Grace. Olive invited Grace’s boyfriend Danny back into the house to help which causes disaster. So, I wanted to hate Danny before we met his character because Ben is back and he belongs with his family. But Danny is a good guy, more than Grace deserves, and maybe he belongs with the family. Where’s Ben’s happy ending? Some see him with Saanvi but I don’t belong to that camp because I don’t see it. I worry, more, that Ben will die at the end of all of this to save his family and keep them safe. I hope I’m very wrong about my suspicions, but right now he doesn’t have a place other than solving this.

The Mystery

I’m intrigued by this new development of the Major and the Holy Grail, though I think its Michaela and not Cal. What happened to Flight 828 is the base of this show and I want to know, but will it end after one season if they solve the case by the finale? I don’t want that. We know the Major has a woman on the inside, who seems to be wavering in her loyalties. Our characters are in more danger than they’ve ever faced and it’s stressing me out. Can we just give all these passengers a happy ending? At least the ones who haven’t been killed or mind flipped, anyway?

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