‘Manifest’ 1×11 Review: ‘KXTA’

Manifest took a break from the characters’ stories this week and focused on Flight 828 and the pilot. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I was into this focus. It seemed a little slow. I even found myself working on other things while watching. But then they kicked it up a notch and revealed a possible theory for what happened. We also got to see Michaela realize Autumn is the mole. And there was one heck of a cliffhanger to make sure we come back next week.

Let me break ‘KXTA’ down a little further…

The Pilot

We got some flashbacks showing what Captain Bill Daly has been struggling with since the plane’s miraculous return. When the plane disappeared, he was “responsible” for killing all the passengers. It’s back now, but everything is still his fault. Daly has a theory about the massive storm that they encountered the night they vanished and the truth has been covered up since that same night.

I enjoyed watching Ben work with the pilot to uncover the dark lightning, which may have taken them into the future, and the conspiracy-theory-ness of it all. Once Daly had the truth, he tried to simulate the storm but it didn’t work. So he took the brain doctor (I don’t care about her character enough to even know her name) and flew straight into more dark lightning. Ben and Michaela think they’re dead, but I think they flew into the future again which means maybe some weird clues from the future will start appearing in upcoming episodes. Daly was definitely wrong about who is helping the bad guys on the inside, but I hope he gets vindication for what happened. I got choked up when Ben found the wings Bill left for Cal. 

The Holy Grail

Last week we learned the Major is looking for a passenger who is extra sensitive to the callings. Everyone thinks it’s Cal, but I believe they’re hunting for Michaela. Cal makes sense, but after Autumn takes him (that’s what I assume happened at the end of this week’s episode), it makes more sense that the Major is after someone else. I am rooting for Cal to make it out of this situation because, let’s be honest, he’s suffered the most from all of this post plane nonsense.

The Verdict

I hoped for some more on Michaela and Jared after their explosive reunion last week, but she’s avoiding him. Yes, I know I can’t have their love story so easily, but a girl can wish. As I mentioned above, the episode started slow. Luckily it picked up in the second half. And it dropped a lot of truth bombs, so I am still riding high as a Manifester. I’ve enjoyed the more character-centric episodes, even though the main mystery is the plane. The show has had trouble focusing on both always leaning heavily toward one or the other. Manifest would be unstoppable if they could find that balance.

Don’t miss next week’s episode, ‘Contrails,’ where hopefully we save Cal! Bonus, we might finally get to see what that shadow figure was all about! 



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