‘This Is Us’ 3×10 Review: ‘The Last Seven Weeks’

Following a long hiatus, the series chose to use their first episode back to play catch up on the last seven weeks. A lot happened during that time, so let’s jump right in and unpack all that emotional baggage the Pearsons have been carrying around.

Beth and Randall are okay…. for now

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First things first, you can finally breathe again because we have confirmation that our favorite power couple is doing okay. At least for now. The last time we saw them, Beth made Randall sleep on the couch after a fight about whether or not he should continue with the election. Things didn’t smooth over quickly and there were a few weeks of icy cold shoulders but Randall Pearson finally came through on New Year’s Eve.

The girls finally forgave him after he delivered one hell of a speech about how much he values his family. His dad would have been proud of  that speech. And on the first Sunday of the new year, Beth finally apologized for her own shortcomings.

One of my favorite things about them is that they can both admit when they are wrong. It might not always happen right away. Those seven weeks were way too long for my liking. But they always come through when it counts. I’m still not sure what their future holds because the mysterious flash forwards we’ve seen aren’t giving away much. But I do feel slightly better about it now. At least for the moment. We’ll see if that changes in the next few weeks.

Randall won the election and everyone is surprised

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In the last episode, Jae-won told Randall that the numbers “weren’t there” and there was no way he’d win the election. That’s where the fight with Beth originated. She wanted him to quit and focus on his family but he refused to back down. Then election night happened and suddenly the race was “too close to call.”

Randall really dug into the election during the last seven weeks and it showed. He came out with a surprising win. It almost cost him his marriage and his family, but in the end goodness prevailed because he got to have it all.

And Randall is undoubtedly good. He was given the opportunity to launch a smear campaign against his opponent and chose not to. In today’s political climate, where we see mud being slung from both sides, I like that the show refused to let Randall dirty his hands. They want us to continue believing that there is good in this world. And if more politicians could be like Randall Pearson, then the world would definitely be in more capable hands.

Toby and Kate are nesting

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The happy couple is getting ready for their little bundle of joy and it’s both heartwarming and hilarious.

After Kate decides it’s time to turn their home office into a nursery, she tells Toby that he needs to sell all his toys. And he has a lot of vintage stuff to sell. However, there is one prized possession that he wishes not to part with but Kate sells that too. It was an honest mistake that led to some really funny moments when she tried to get it back.

It’s taken three seasons for me to finally get on board with Katoby. Now that I’m on this ride though, I don’t ever want to get off. I can’t wait to meet their baby and if they don’t name him Jack, I will be noticeably upset.

Have Mercy

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Zoe and Kevin are back from Vietnam after finding out that his uncle didn’t actually die there. On their first day back, Kevin asks Zoe to move in with him with the most adorable John Stamos key ring ever. Apparently, Tess and Annie went through a phase where they called him Uncle Jesse. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard by the way. Zoe says yes but she’s super reluctant about the decision.

Then Kevin’s insecurities kick in when he meets one of Zoe’s exes. After finding out that she broke up with the guy through email, Kevin starts lashing out expecting Zoe to disappear on him eventually.

On some level, I understand his paranoia that she’ll leave him. However, it’s not fair for him to compare their relationship to her past relationships. All this does is push Zoe away and the pair spend majority of the seven weeks apart.

It’s not until Election night that they finally make amends. In one of my favorite declarations of love on this show so far, Zoe tells Kevin that wants to move in with him. I can’t believe this season is feeding me so well when it comes to the romance. Kevin’s love life has always been lacking. It’s no secret that I wasn’t a fan of any of his love interests before now. Zoe is the first girl in his life that I find myself rooting for. I hope they last forever. We haven’t seen them in the future yet so I’m nervous as hell. Please don’t let this show ruin them.

A shocking truth was revealed

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This season of the show, like every season before it, has been moving at a steady pace when it comes to revealing truths about the Pearsons that we never knew. In Season 1, we found out Jack died. In Season 2, we found out how and when he died. Now in Season 3, we’re learning his brother didn’t die in Vietnam.

Fans were shocked when the reveal was dropped in the midseason finale. But we were left wondering if Jack knew that his little brother wasn’t dead, since he’d always said that he was.

Turns out the Pearson Patriarch was very much aware that his little brother was in fact alive.

After obtaining Nicky Pearson’s military jacket, Kevin found out that he signed his release papers with the name Clark Kent. This is obviously a nice nod to his older brother who he nicknamed Superman his entire life.

Later, Zoe finds an old post card in a box of Jack’s belongings that was signed by a ‘CK’. Kevin realizes it’s the initials for Clark Kent and figures out that his father knew their uncle was alive.

The mystery now is how long did Jack know his little brother didn’t die. The next episode promises to dive head first into that as they tease the Big Three finally confronting their long lost uncle.

It should be one hell of a family reunion for sure.


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  • “I want John Stamos back!” is my new favorite way to say “I love you”.
  • Beth and Randall cuddling in bed at the end of the episode slayed me. Thank God those two are okay.
  • Toby’s obsession with Star Wars is the most relatable thing about him right now.
  • I give Toby a lot of brownie points for getting a replica of Kate’s football stadium that Jack built her that she lost in the fire.
  • I love that this show uses a lot of Superman references to highlight Jack and Nicky’s relationship.
  • Why were there so many Full House references in this episode? I’m not complaining. It just came out of nowhere.
  • Randall’s conversation with the reverend on New Year’s Eve that reminded him to be a good man his father would be proud of gave me feels.
  • I like that Randall wonders what his father would think about his life. Jack would be proud. We know that because we know Jack but especially because of their entire conversation during the college road trip in front of the Washington Monument.
  • The fact that Randall wanted to major in political science and is now a councilman makes me wonder if his political career is just getting started.
  • Did everyone catch that Game of Thrones reference???? And perfect timing too because they just announced the show is coming back in April! Someone’s definitely a fan!

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9PM on NBC. Check out the trailer below for a preview of next week’s moment we’ve all been waiting for!


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