5 WTF Moments from ‘All American’s “m.A.A.d. City”

Communities come together in All American‘s “m.A.A.d. City” and create a ruckus that inspires Spencer to get his motivational speaker on! Because no matter where Spencer goes, or how life changes him in Beverly, his home needs him, his caring nature, and his strong desire for change in 2019. So, without further ado, let’s jump into 5 WTF moments from “m.A.A.d. City”!

1. Leila and Olivia having a storyline that doesn’t involve their love lives.

This is the good kind of WTF. The kind you want to see more of. Leila and Olivia ACTUALLY had shit going on in their lives that didn’t involve Spencer or Asher. Yes, the little side story going on there was a bit weird, but we got to see women talking about stuff that has nothing to do with a man and that’s just damn beautiful. It’s also a sign of how low our standards are that a conversation without a dude involved makes us shout with joy! Let’s make this a regular thing.

2. Pulling out your weapons at a park.

As someone who lives in the ghetto and has grown up surrounded by gang life, this was dumb as dirt. Don’t matter who you are, you know that places like this are sacred to the community. Kids and families are the limits, they are the line, and when you cross it, you look like the biggest asshole. So congrats Tyrone and William’s crew. You’re the dumbasses.

3. Jordan being gullible, again.

Seriously, Jordan. Again? How gullible are you that your weird and twitchy grandfather can get you to give him money? Pretty gullible it seems! Gramps looks like someone not to be trusted and his excuse for why he needs money is head tilt and face palm smashing worthy. Come on Jordan! Take a second, analyze what’s going on, and get your head on straight!

4. Spencer and his speech.

Like the first WTF, this is a good WTF as well! Look, if football doesn’t work out, you have a future in publishing, making speeches, or just getting people to do things via motivational speaker tours. You have so much talent in you, that I hope All American keeps investing in that intellect. Nothing wrong with him being top notch when it comes to his football. It’s just that football players never get seen as the smart ones. They are and I want people to see that with Spencer.

5. Asher not being around.

Where’s Asher gone? What trouble is he causing? And what shit storm is coming to Beverly? Asher is a troublemaker with a capital T. Every single person on All American better watch out because after Leila bounced on Asher for Spencer, the jilted ex is gonna come back swinging!

All American airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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