FEELS OF THE WEEK: January 20th – January 26th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

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Lyra: Diana Bishop, A Discovery of Witches. This BAMF women knew what she wanted, went after it with a passion I’ve never seen before, and ended up being one of the most interesting women I’ve ever seen on TV. Diana is kind, opinionated, patient, scared, powerful, and a whole bunch of other things years of TV has taught us can’t be together & in one person. She isn’t here for bigoted assholes who would treat any vampire or demon like garbage. Diana is for equality and being intersectional AF. Can’t wait for season 2 & 3 of this Sundance Now and Shudder series!


Gillian: Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost. I feel like the writers of The Flash have finally figured out what to do with her character and it’s incredible. She’s one of the only members of Team Flash who seems to put aside personal issues and focus on the job at hand, defeating Cicada. She and Killer Frost have awesome teamwork lately and Killer Frost may have found the solution to stop Cicada for good.

Jasmine: Maria, Deadly Class. I binge watched the first two episodes of Deadly Class and I gotta say that is one badass female. She is a fighter and is an intelligent strong force. She may seem vulnerable at times but never weak. I am looking forward to seeing where the writers take her story.

Mimi: I agree with Jasmine, 100%. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this show but I’m pleasantly surprised and I like Maria and the gif above was a wicked scene!

OTP of the Week


Lyra: Without giving too much away, just in case you haven’t watched A Discovery of Witches, #Bishmont is my OTP of the Week. Despite one being a witch and the other being a vampire, they are the perfect match for each other. They lift each other up, trust in each others abilities, and want to build a world where witches, vampires, and demons can work together, live together, and just be together. #Bishmont is what epic OTP’s are made of!

Gillian: Michael & Alex, Roswell, New Mexico I am so impressed that the creators of the reboot went with this pairing! They are so different but their relationship has been very grounded and the chemistry is off the charts. I love learning more about their high school relationship and I’m still fanning myself after that final makeout session.

Kayla: Conic, The Resident. Because despite Alec asking Nic out, and Conrad forming a bond with Zoey after helping her son, Henry, they both can joke with each other about other people showing interest in the other and not be jealous. That’s pretty amazing.

They have also been each other’s biggest support in the trauma of the last few weeks of their lives. Through Conrad’s father’s emergency surgery to Nic getting the free clinic off the ground and open to the public, they are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and support, and now they are dealing with the death of one of their closest friends. Together.

Lizzie: Chidi and Eleanor on The Good Place. Because they had finally found each other, they were facing eternity together, and then Chidi had to make that sacrifice, and Eleanor understood, and now they have to find each other AGAIN and gah I just want to cry, but also, they’re so perfect for each other and I truly believe they will get there and omg so many feels.

Also, a special mention for my forever loves, Bishmont. They make very list.

Michelle: Brandall – Beth and Randall on This Is Us. Because every episode, despite the good and bad, they still manage to find to truly support each other. This week, in the post-election haze, Beth is back in the job hunt. And while the nerves and insecurities are daunting, Randall manages to give his signature pep talks to bring her shine back. It has always been a two-way street, but this week was especially emotional. SO. MANY. FEELS.

Jasmine: Liz and Max, Roswell, New Mexico. I know they have some hurdles to overcome but their relationship is one that I believe can withstand anything. The way they look at each other always pulls on my heart and whenever Max puts his hand on Liz’s chest, ugh! I can’t.

Mimi: I am so tired of the Teddy/Owen storyline/drama on Grey’s Anatomy BUT I gotta say, those two belong together. If Amelia can’t see that and get out if the way, then she deserves to be miserable. Teddy and Owen are OTP and have been since day one.

Moment That Made You Collapse Into a Puddle of FEELS


Gillian: The end of this week’s Supergirl where Alex agrees to have her mind wiped of Kara as Supergirl. Alex and Kara’s relationship has been the strongest part of the show and Alex’s protective nature of Kara always hits me in the sister-feels. This is the most emotional way they could have solved this problem and I’m nervous for next week’s episode.

Kayla: Bradley’s death on The Resident. He was one of my favorite recurring characters, and I had so much hope for him to overcome his heart issues, and then all of sudden, he was gone. He is a character that will very much be missed. Not only by the other characters in the show, but the viewers of the show. RIP Bradley Jenkins. I raise a slice of Hawaiian pizza to you. If you read my review this week, then you’d know Bradley loved it because it reminded him of a vacation.

Can I have two? Because I do.

When The Big Three on This Is Us come face to face with their Uncle Nicky, after learning he is still alive. Learning what really happened to him. Also, that Jack knew it. JACK KNEW IT! Wow. The promo for next week’s episode is a puddle in its own right. Wow.

Lizzie: The last few seconds of The Gifted. You better believe I was screaming at the TV when I saw Marcos walking out that car. Don’t hurt my baby, please.

Janelle: When Michael on Roswell, New Mexico, says “I never look away. Not really,” to his home-in-a-person Alex. PUDDLE.

Lariel: I’m with Gillian on those closing minutes of Supergirl. Kara’s kept her identity safe, but she’s lost so much in the process of doing that and capturing Agent Liberty. Talk about a Pyrrhic victory.

Jasmine: Willie Lewis, Deadly Class. When Willie told Marcus the story of him killing his own father after he accidentally shot him in the head while trying to defend him against some thugs, I was in shock. The recreation of that moment in comic book form was powerful and it was another moment in the show where we got to see a young man be vulnerable onscreen.

Mimi: The flash back to the day before John died on A Million Little Things. Everyone was so wrapped up in their own issues and family problems that they couldn’t see John was struggling. Or maybe he was just that good at hiding it. Only his trusted assistant knew and he told her that he trusted her with his life. We saw Maggie, unpacking her apartment and we knew the cancer was back. We see Delilah make dinner plans to tell John about her affair but he doesn’t show or so she thinks… It filled in some pieces but left more questions. It still has me in my feels.

Moment That Gave You Hope


Lyra: Sam telling Dean how it is when he was about to go at it all alone on Supernatural. No one does this alone, especially these two Winchesters who have gone through so much together over 14 seasons. Sam speaking up, is EXACTLY what Dean needed and what we needed to mark a changing tide of what these Winchesters are willing to go through to save each other and the world.

Mimi: The government reopening and people being able to get paid! What a freaking nightmare. Also looking forward to the hope 2020 could bring.

Kayla: I 100% agree with Mimi! People don’t deserve to work without pay. It’s so wrong! Let’s see what 2020 brings us!

Lizzie: I think the whole of A Discovery of Witches applies, because seeing Diana go through what she did and still be her, become even stronger, take control of her destiny, gave me hope.

Quote of the Week


Lyra: “From this moment, we will always be one.” – Matthew to Diana, A Discovery of Witches

Kayla: “The OR is a sacred place, and I blasphemed it. I don’t have a place there. Not now, and I will not put another life in jeopardy until I learn humility. Blessed are the meek.” – AJ, The Resident, AJ telling Mina he needs to learn humility after feeling guilty for Bradley’s death.

Michelle: “Beth Pearson, you are the ultimate prize hire. You’re going to walk into those firms tomorrow, with your brilliant ass mind, and that impressive ass ambition, and those spiky ass heels, and they’re going to be like ‘Beth Pearson, what we gotta do to get your actual ass in this building Beth Pearson.’ And yes, I emphasize the Beth Pearson because it is more than just the name. It is an attitude. An attitude that screams ‘You know you want to hire me.’” – Randall, This Is Us, Randall giving a pep talk to Beth about her upcoming interviews.

Janelle: Eleanor on The Good Place, through tears, “It’s not a joke, I’m a legit snack.”

Jasmine: “We watching bodies drop like flies like it’s normal. This is not normal! It ain’t just another day in the neighborhood. Kids dying over nothing is not the answer. Killing each other is not the answer, man. Revenge is not the answer! We all we got. If we destroy each other, who else gonna fight for us?” -Spencer, All American. Spencer making a plea to his neighborhood to end the cycle of black on black crime.

Mimi: “I know how to hold hands, I’m here to fornicate” – Lily to Otis, Sex Education

WTF Moment of the Week


Lizzie: The ending of Roswell, New Mexico, complete with FULL NAME OF THE ALIEN. Liz, honey, you’ve known this secret for exactly one episode, could you, like, wait a little bit till you go telling someone?

Michelle: The ending of Grey’s Anatomy with Owen and Amelia. Owen needs to get his priorities straight. Teddy or Amelia. It’s such a weird triangle, and you’re saying one thing to Teddy and another to Amelia. And both women are for it? Ugh. So many problems up ahead.

Kayla: This potential love quadrangle (Is that a word?) crap on The Resident. Conrad and Nic are joking with each other about it now, which is awesome, but the fact that the writers would even give any potential after ending a love triangle two episodes ago – and having this thing going on with AJ, Mina, and Micah too. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. IT’S TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH. STOP THIS MADNESS. NOW. If they don’t want the the cheesy medical drama crap – then this needs to go! This show is too good to be using these cliche plot devices.

Lariel: Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean together again on Gotham? It feels like Sofia Falcone all over again! I thought Jim was getting smarter!

Jasmine: On Deadly Class, when Chico who was supposed to have been taking Maria out for a romantic evening ends the night by shooting a guy sitting in the back seat right next to her. Immediately afterwards, he tells her he knows she tried to use Marcus to kill him. What was even more of a WTF moment for me? The fact that he then went on to tell her they were going to be married. How about no Chico?

Mimi: Riverdale, Cheryl Blosssom’s mom paying conjugal visits to Betty’s dad. Ewwww! I know I’m only supposed to list one WTF moment, but I got another one, how about Veronica’s dad in a coma? I think her mom poisoned him after he threatened to end her when she didn’t want to move into the creepy Sisters of Quiet Mercy school A.K.A. haunted mansion! This episode was rife with WTF moments.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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