Siren Season 2 Episode 1 “The Arrival”

Can we all just get along? That seems to be the question posed to us in the season premiere of Siren. So many mermaids, with perfect bone structure and perfect bodies, makes me want to take up swimming as a new hobby. Or move to Bristol Cove, since that’s where all the pretty people live. I told you guys last year I wanted to take a road trip there and I’m still down. I’ve even got a playlist! Ha!

Siren is back for its sophomore season, my lovelies, and bringing more mermaids and all the Ben + Maddie + Ryn angst than you can handle. Honestly I was going to be okay with less “dumbass Chris” if it meant no more of his homeboy Xander as well, but it seems as if only one of those dreams has came true. Still, I’m happy Siren got a season 2, as it gives them the opportunity to flesh out some characters. I’m still on the sidelines about everyone’s motives and screen time where this show is concerned. The premiere gave us a lot of new faces and perfect skin to envy as well as our familiar gang. The Siren song seems to be stuck on replay in Ben’s mind and causing him major problems. They need an entire episode devoted to the mythology of the song, but that’s just my opinion. Lets dive into the episode, shall we?

Ben and Maddie are still not in a good place, and it probably won’t get any better now that Maddie’s long lost mother has returned. Show of hands if you think Maddie’s mother is a mermaid. Yeah, me too. Anyway, the oil rigs/government are pushing sonic waves beneath the ocean floor and it’s causing all kinds of havoc with marine life as well as the mermaids. Ryn’s family comes on land to escape and to find her. Katrina(Donna’s daughter), is now the leader of the mermaids who stayed behind in the water. She is still angry at Ryn for abandoning them but knows she/they can’t survive on land or in the human world without Ryn’s help. Sucks to suck Katrina!

You know who is always willing to help her fellow mermaid sisters out? Helen. I’m hoping to get more back story on Helen this season; she’s a solid character that could have a great story arch if the writers see what I see. You know who doesn’t need a major storyline this season? Xander’s punk ass, even if he is sorry for killing Donna and trying to help the group he still annoys me. If Katrina finds out it was him who killed her mom, and here’s hoping she will… All hell is gonna break lose! I’m excited to see him get his ass handed to him. Maybe I won’t feel this way about him all season, but right now, he’s on my short list.

As per usual more questions were raised than answered on Siren, but at least we have the entire second season to explore them together. Let me know what you thought of this weeks episode in the comment section down below or hit me up on Twitter @missmiwakoray

Siren airs Thursdays on the Freeform channel at 7/8EST

All photos courtesy of Freeform

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