‘A Million Little Things’ 1×12 Review: “The Day Before…”

Best episode to date. There, I said it and I don’t regret one word. Things that I thought I had completely figured out, I realized I knew absolutely nothing. A Million Little Things keeps us guessing and speculating and we continue to be wrong and that’s what I love about it. I love not knowing what’s coming and not seeing the cliche plot unfold. #WhoIsBarbaraMorgan

Sensational story writing aside, what made this week’s episode so amazing was how different everyone was before Jon’s death. They all seemed, for lack of a better word, broken in some kind of way. Even in a crowded room, they seemed lonely and sad, like something was missing. And the utterly heart wrenching irony behind all of this is that Jon was truly broken but no one noticed. It took Jon dying for everyone to open their eyes and take a deep look within and to start living their lives to the fullest.


The flashback showed Gary and Maggie in very similar situations. Both had people around them who cared for them and wanted to be in their lives yet they both wanted to isolate themselves. Gary ran, nay, SPRINTED away from even the tiniest hint of a relationship and Maggie had left everyone she loved for a new place, all the while harboring the secret that her cancer had returned.

Maggie has been one of those characters where we get a little bit of insight each week and this week was no different. The scene with her and her father was so adorable. He was so sweet and you could tell how much he loved and appreciated his daughter. While painful, I can see why Maggie didn’t tell him the truth about her cancer. Having to bury one child was hard enough for her father but knowing that he might possibly have to do it again, it was something she couldn’t bear to tell him.

From what we saw, Gary jumped from relationship to relationship, never settling down or truly getting attached. He even fought the commitment of a dog at first. And then there’s Maggie who has clearly been someone that has chosen to battle things on her own. She doesn’t want to burden anyone and always puts other’s problems before her own (hence why she more than likely became a therapist). It’s these traits that make this couple so amazing because they both put aside their norms for each other. They fell in love without even trying and my goodness, is that magnificent! Who knew a cancer support group meeting would change their lives forever?



I chose the picture above because in that moment, Rome thought he was truly happy. And I don’t say that because he isn’t happy in his marriage to Regina or his life because he’s even said he is. He has all the things people work for: a beautiful home with a goddess of a wife who is fierce and loves just as fiercely. But even with all of that, Rome had lost his way. The moment he realized it in the episode, my stomach dropped. The look a realization on his face…there are no words to describe it. He thought he was happy and he grasped that he wasn’t but he didn’t know why.

That’s the sad thing about depression; we don’t know why and we don’t know how to get out from under the crushing pain of it. It can hit you like a pile of bricks out of the blue and we saw Rome go through this exact feeling. Of course depression has a clinical definition but there truly is no clear way to put into words what it feels like when you’re going through it. But the look on his face when he realized the pain he had been pushing down, that said more than any word could. Rome’s journey throughout this amazing series has been therapeutic for me and so many others. Seeing how far he’s come and the healing he’s already done is sensational. He’s continuing to fight for his happiness and taking every day as a new chance to live his life how he wants.

Speaking of fighting for what you want, Regina! She was already a badass in my book but now she’s a damn superhero. She spoke up against harassment and unwanted advances as well as putting her boss in his place. (I’m still disgusted by his response. WTF, guy?!) She didn’t just accept things the way they were and it was truly inspirational. No one should ever have to endure an act as atrocious as sexual harassment or assault and this show bringing light to such an important topic is yet another reason it means so much to me. The writers of A Million Little Things aren’t afraid to talk about the “scary” topics and we need more shows like that on TV.


After the winter finale, I was pretty upset with Mr. Dixon. I couldn’t see how a man could leave his family in such a situation as he did at the end of the episode (the loss of the house and the debt). But after watching this episode, my heart shattered for a man that was clearly broken and hurting. He was screaming out for help on the inside but didn’t know how to truly ask for it. As I watched “The Day Before…”, I wondered, if I was in his loved one’s shoes, would I notice? Would I see that someone I cared so deeply for, someone that I loved, was hurting that much? Or would I let life and my own worries and problems get in the way?

I think the answer that we would all say is that we would hope we would notice. In reality, the scary and sad fact is that we don’t always see when someone is hurting because it’s human nature to push it down and move on. That’s what Jon seemed to have been doing for a long time. By holding onto the apartment he had in college, he was able to keep that person he had been alive and relevant; a man that wasn’t in pain or burdened by financial debt or the possibility of failure moments away. I still have so many questions and am still so confused but this episode made my heart break all over again for Jon, especially when he saw Eddie and Delilah at dinner. The look on his face when he left that final voicemail for Eddie broke me.

This week also turned my opinion of Ashley just slightly. It was clear that she looked up to Jon and cared deeply for him. At the end of the day, he had his family and his friends and of course they loved him, but Ashley was the person he could be honest with and felt comfortable around. I have such mixed feelings about this fact. I don’t know whether to like it or be mad about it and it’s something I waiver on with each new episode. There’s still so much we don’t know about this man and still so much that I can’t wait to learn. Jon wasn’t perfect but he seemed to have a plan for everything and just wanted the people he loved and cared for to be happy…even if it meant he wasn’t around.


  • I legit thought Colin had been Gary’s dog for years, not DAYS. Dog truly is man’s best friend.
  • #WhoIsBarbaraMorgan?
  • Did anyone else see the Hidden Valley Ranch commercial right after they talked about it in the show? Talk about product placement. I loved it!
  • The jury is still out on my feeling about Eddie but one thing is certain: I love David Giuntoli and always will.
  • Ashley needs to decide if she’s evil or good because I sure as hell don’t know.
  • Tell the people you love how you feel because you never know what they’re truly going through. And if you’re hurting, speak up. Your voice is important and YOU are important. #IDONTMIND

A Million Little Things airs Thursday’s on ABC.

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