‘Manifest’ 1×13 Review: ‘Cleared For Approach’

Last week things got strange for us Manifesters. The mystery isn’t just about the plane anymore. I’m still undecided about how that makes me feel. Cal is the Holy Grail, so I was wrong there. He led us to a new character, Zeke. Somehow, he got lost in a cave during a storm and two weeks for him was a year for everyone else. The new question is how many people are going to appear after big jumps in time? It does give us hope for the pilot’s return someday. 

The Major was quiet this week while the story revolved around our new character and a new hate group that either wants 828’s passengers in jail or dead. Their goal is unclear.

Let;s dive a little deeper into ‘Cleared for Approach.’

Zeke and the Cave

Michaela stayed in the woods with Zeke and rejected Ben’s offer to send Jared to help. That doesn’t help my ship very much. Michaela and Zeke both received a calling and they went back to the cave together, but it was bigger than that. Zeke lost his sister in those woods and he needed to finish the grieving process. I don’t know how I feel about Zeke yet. I’m a little thrown off by this mystery being bigger than the plane, but it does help the show lengthen its run. They now have the ability to bring in new characters with different circumstances of losing time.

Ben and the 828 Hate

Ben got to go home with his family. The jury is still out on Grace because she’s been so hot and cold about him since his return. The show seems to be trying really hard to sell her, but I’m not buying in yet. Once the family was happily back together, someone graffitied their house with a red “X” on the door. Ben got temporarily thrown in jail for going after them while the cops, Jared, were trying to get the group. I love Ben for his willingness to always go in 100% for his family, but sometimes he needs to listen and wait. Also, what is going to come of this peacock symbolism?

The Verdict

I’ve been one of Manifest’s biggest advocates since the pilot because it is so much more than I initially thought it was going to be. The last two episodes have taken things off course and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing yet. Everything has revolved around the plane and its passengers, so this curveball of the dude in the cave is unwelcome. If it helps the mystery in a speedy way, I won’t be so turned off of the show. But if Zeke’s entrance drags us down an even bigger rabbit hole, I’m just not sure if I’m here for that. There are only three episodes left of season 1, so we’ll see what happens next. Also, Zeke kind of throws a possible wrench in the way of my Jared/Michaela romance which is really not ok.  

Don’t miss next week’s episode on NBC at 10/9c.


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