Grownish Season 2, Episode 6: “Love Galore”

Luca and Zoey are aiming to be the next power couple at Cal-U on this week’s episode of Grownish.  Michelle Obama pays a visit to Luca’s design class to choose an up and coming designer and everyone steps their design game up except Zoey, who dropped the class because she didn’t love making clothes from scratch. Meanwhile, Jazz and Chloe get in their feelings about the new star female basketball player on campus who is stealing their spotlight. This week’s episode had every character in their feelings about something, and for Luca and Zoey, their relationship was put to a test. Would they come out stronger for it? Or walk away?

Ever since Nomi called Luca a genius, it’s gotten in his head. I mean in his mind he is a genius and he doesn’t care what other people think, except that he really does, at least where Michelle Obama is concerned. He is tasked with creating a piece for her possibly wear as his the rest of the design class and the race is on to impress her. Zoey is jealous and wondering if it was a good idea to drop that design class after all? Trust me Zoey, your day will come, just because Michelle is coming to his class, doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to shine at something you’re really good at, which is revealed later in the episode.

Jazz and Chloe have it rough this week. Their self-esteem, which seemed unshakeable up until this point, takes a hit. There is another female athlete that the campus is going crazy for, except J & C don’t see what all the hype is about, because who really watches the WNBA anyway? They are throwing some major shade at home-girl and women’s basketball in general, but get no support from Vivek and Aaron. They are happy to go watch the game and think J & C should swallow their pride and do the same. I’m with them, there is room at Cal-U for this newcomer and for track and field Phenom’s J & C. I know that female athletes do not get the same support as their male counterparts, both monetarily and from the college fan base. I thought it was important for them as women to support her, even if they really took an issue with the amount of attention she was receiving.

This week’s Grownish was primarily centered on proving ME WRONG about Luca and Zoey. I thought for sure they were headed to break up city over this design project. Zoey tried so hard to be a supportive girlfriend even if she was a little salty Luca was getting to design for Michelle Obama. Zoey even helped Luca steam his designs! Except he got mad at her, because he said she was doing it all wrong! “No, its right to left like Arabic!” he said. Zoey gave him a side eye and so did I. Boy bye! Your dread head ass can stay here all night, by yourself, with no one to assist you, or bring you coffee. I mean who has time for his nonsense? Zoey, I will say it again, I always thought Aaron would have been the better choice… Sigh. Anyway, by the end of the night Luca and Zoey had made amends and started being real with each other. Luca admitting he was scared of failing and that he really did want to impress Michelle. Zoey admitted that she still didn’t know what she was good at, and that she was jealous of Luca. Good talk you two. If you cannot be real with your BF/GF who can you be real with? Who can you be vulnerable with? These two are growing on me, even if I’m loathe to say it.

In the end Zoey steps up and helps Luca pull his pieces together, because although he can design clothes from scratch, putting them all together and accessorizing them is not his strong suit. Zoey, on the other hand, is a great at this, and the two of them truly working together and collaborating is what the assignment is about. Michelle is impressed with their efforts and Luca wins, he also tells Michelle about Zoey’s input and assistance, and has her sign a pair of sneakers for Zoey. It was very sweet and now I think maybe he is a keeper. For now.

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