Siren-Season 2, Episode 2, “The Wolf At The Door”

Babysitting is a pain in the ass. Babysitting mermaids who used to eat you and stalk you in the water? A MAJOR pain in the ass. This week it’s Maddie’s turn to babysit the merfolk and she is up to the task, BECAUSE real talk I still believe Maddie is like 1/3 mermaid, but I won’t go on a rant about that right now. Later, guys, there’s time. Anyway, this week’s Siren gives Helen some much needed screen time and dishes out some interesting plot points where she is concerned. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang, minus Xander’s PUNK ASS, tries to figure out how to get the mermaids back in the water without killing them with sonic waves. Helen said it best when she told Ben “Xander’s gonna be a problem.”

I bet Bristol Cove is full of nice cabins in the woods. That’s what I thought to myself and the camera zoomed into to the mermaids’ new, temporary digs. There, they learn to camp, they catch fish with sticks, and learn what fire is. Also, Ryn’s niece almost gets eaten by a wolf. C’est la vie! That’s what I said! But then she didn’t die so I was kinda bummed. Guess who else almost gets eaten? Tons of drunk people who think swimming in the ocean at night is a good idea. Has anyone seen Jaws? Or freaking The Meg? Like night swimming in the ocean does not seem sane at all, drunk or sober.

You know what struck me as really interesting thru out this episode, was the fact that one of the male mermaids bowed to Helen after he stared her down and stroked her hair. I told EVERYONE last season, in episode one, that Helen was a mermaid!! Then she revealed her family history later in the season and it turned out she was. Now I’m going on record as saying whatever her family line was, it was of royal blood and her family was big time. Where is king Triton when you need him?

Maddie’s mom is still trying to make amends but Maddie told her she has to earn her trust and I get that. Maddie’s mom was a drug addict who left her at school and would forget to pick her up, and to up the ante she would disappear for days or weeks on end. I get your pain, Maddie, and she should earn back your trust. You know who also needs to earn my trust? Freaking Rogue One, she’s the mermaid who is always pissed off and ready to fight! She is always hunting on her own and starting shit. Ryn has tried to check her several times but she is still acting out. Is she pissed off that Ben taught Ryn how to drive? Is she upset because Ryn has a fake I.D. and can go to clubs without her? Whatever it is she needs to figure it out and chose a side. Either you are with the mermaids or against them! Hell the government, Xander and wolf packs are already trying to take them out so they don’t need one of their own trying to come for them too.

The episode ended with everyone back at the cabin trying to figure things out and their next steps. Xander really needs to find out his booty call/sleep over buddy is really an under cover cop. But we all know he won’t because he’s dumb and WEAK. Ryn needs to check Rogue one and Helen needs to declare herself the head mermaid bitch in charge. That’s my opinion anyway.

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